These are short papers ( MLA format): hence, no introductory paragraph, no lengthy quotations, no cover page, etc. Cut to the chase. Most of the questions ask you to look carefully at one or more passages; beware, however, of simply going through the passage line by line, making observations as you go. Also beware of stringing together a series of unrelated paragraphs (e.g., one on meter, one on imagery, one on characterization, one on plot). A paper should be an argument rather than a list. So try to reach some conclusions, and then structure your paper to demonstrate them. however, you may wish to look at the specified passage(s) from a different angle. If you use outside sources, be sure to cite them.

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A. Position Statement
i. Develop a position statement regarding your theorys continued relevance in personality psychology today. Your statement must be supported
with logical rationale.
ii. Evaluate the validity and accuracy of secondary research using your theory, explaining how effectively it supports your position statement. Be
sure to cite specific examples from the research in your response.
iii. Evaluate your theorys appropriateness for a range of cultural perspectives in its contemporary use, and explain how effectively this supports
your position statement. Be sure to cite relevant sources in your response. In other words, how well does this theory make testable predictions
about human behavior across a range of cultural perspectives, including those of special populations?

Choose a global health issue. For this assignment, you will introduce the health issue and discuss the interventions necessary to prevent the issue and promote health.
Some topics to consider may include:

Clostridium botulinum infection
Community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus
Ebola virus disease
Escherichia coli
Human immunodeficiency virus disease
Severe respiratory distress syndrome
Small pox
Vancomycin-resistant enterococcus infection
West Nile virus

Include the following in your paper:

Introduction/overview of the health issue and the prevalence in the United States and worldwide

Contributing factors

Prevention strategies

Signs and symptoms

Diagnostic tests (if applicable)

Advanced practice nursing role and management strategies

Medical/pharmacological management (if applicable)

Follow-up care


Write a 34 page paper following APA format. You must include 23 scholarly sources in your citations and references.

Discussion 1: Please watch the film, And the Band Played On.
This film may be available on the Internet through free sites such as Youtube and Vimeo (please note: accessing these sites is at your own risk).  You may also view the film for purchase online through sites such as Amazon or HBO.
What factors inhibited the early war against acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)? Do you believe the AIDS outbreak could have been stopped? Why or why not?  What role does advocacy play in the film? How much publicity does HIV/AIDS receive today?  Whats the story of HIV/AIDS in the 21st century? Explain.

Discussion 2: How do occupation and culture influence psychosocial stressors that affect middle-aged adults? How does your occupation influence psychosocial stressors?

2 pages total. 1 page per discussion.

All you need to do is three things.
1) write down five questions to focus on the research behind the topic given. All you are doing is breaking the subject of the topic down into further questions to narrow the overall research.
2) you will then search for sources (make sure its academic sources) to create a short list. Write down five sources that is found based on the topic. For instance journals, articles, books. But it has to be credible and by academic scholars. The list will be in the format of the following:
Web link
3) Finally, for one of the articles chosen as a source, you will make notes on it. The notes should relate to the questions you wrote in the beginning. Do bullet-point notes but make sure they are detailed and thorough.

12 font double spaced
Use Thesis:

When choosing a career path salary is important but you have to go beyond that. There is much more that goes into choosing a career path such as purpose, location, education and aptitude. Along your academic journey you will have to trial and error to find what fits you personally best.

Use explain those five word and ties the sources I provided into them

(Keep in mind that the SDLC can be applied to almost any activity you encounter, either at work or outside of work.)
One of the biggest problem areas in the SDLC appears during the requirements analysis stage and relates to communication problems between the software developer and the end-user. If misalignment of the end vision is not dealt with at the early stages the next phase of the process is either forced to be put on hold or the parties continue on unaware leading to the problem being exacerbated in the latter stages. Reflect on the following questions:
1. Have you participated in the creation of a project that failed?  Why did it fail?  Based on the System Development Life Cycle Model, what could have been done to help the project succeed?

Remember, the SDLC can be applied to almost any activity (including meal preparation or a move or buying a car, etc.). If you have never participated in a project that failed, you can use an example of a project that you have heard of or you can just provide your opinion on what you think might be some of the causes of failed projects.  Base your responses on the phases of the SDLC.

If someone is interested in a model that applies to teamwork development, take a look at Tuckman’s model. This .pdf file contains a description of Tuchman and his model.

REMEMBER- every post (New Thread or Reply) must be supported by relevant information. Prove the point you are making by a) citing external research, b) citing readings from the class content, or c) providing examples or  personal experiences that are relevant and support your position on the topic.  Grading of your participation will be according to the table outlined in the Grading Policy/Rubric for Class Participation (Weeks 1 – 8)” You can see the rubric by clicking on Discussions in the top nav bar, then scrolling down to the Weekly Discussions area.

CONCERT REPORTS (20 points each)

Four (4) concert reports are required to demonstrate your ability to use the skills gained in this course in a concert setting.

Concert choice

For this semester,  due to COVID-19, all concerts may be from online videos.
Online videos should be of a live concert (not a produced music video) and should include the ENTIRE concert not just a single piece.
Show variety in the genre of concerts. These do not need to be done in order:
One concert must be Western classical/”art music” (orchestra, choir, chamber music, classical soloist, etc).
One concert must be a popular genre (pop, hip-hop, rap, rock, country, etc.)
One concert must be World Music, Folk, or Jazz
For the other report, you repeat any of the above or choose another genre altogether.
All concerts watched must be watched during this course.
You may not report on a concert you attended or viewed before the start date of the course.
Report Requirements

You will respond to two (2) pieces from each concert with a description similar to your listening journal entries.
At the top of your report please include (2 points)
Your name
Date of the performance (if available), concert title, performer/ensemble, location of the concert, genre of this concert
For each piece (12 points  – 2 pieces x 6 points each)
List the title, composer (if known), and performer
Describe the music using terminology from the chapters of the text learned up to that point in the course
Describe your reaction to the music
At the end of your report, briefly describe each below and how you think they impacted the performance. (6 points)
behavior/demeanor of the performers.
behavior of the audience.
concert location/venue
Your concert report should be a minimum of 500 words.
For a live concert, please submit or include a picture of the concert program. (this can be in your document or uploaded in the comments section.)
For recorded concerts, please include a link to the video performance