Analysis In the second paragraph, you will build on your thematic perspective of the story to provide a short, but rich, literary analysis. Your analysis can draw upon the strategies discussed in Writing Essays about Literature and the heuristics you have learned in class. As with any analysis, you will need to do the following:

Make claim(s) about how the text works and/or what the text means.
Use direct evidence drawn from the text (e.g. point to specific passages or moments from the text) to support your analytic claims.
Demonstrate how the text works (as opposed to just reviewing what the text is about).


The Lottery by Shirley Jackson is a short story that was published in 1948. The event takes place on June 27th when the villagers gather for the annual lottery drawing around the square. One cannot help but imagine an idyllic picturesque village on this beautiful summer day. The first to arrive are the children who are putting together a pile of stones. Then men join the gathering and begin to make small talk amongst themselves.  As soon as the last of the women make their entry, the lottery begins under the guidance of Mr. Summers who is in charge of the coal business and an outstanding citizen of the village. With him, we are introduced to the old, worn-out, black box which is used to stir the slips inside. Apparently, the black box is not the original box used for the lottery when the village was first settled. Even though the black box replaced the old box, it is now itself in dire need of repair. It is evident that some rituals of the lottery have been lost over time but others continue to exist. Mr. Summers is eager to start the lottery. Every family is present and Mr. Summers begins to call the family heads, the oldest men in the families, one at a time for the draw. There is some nervousness in the air as some people discuss how the lottery comes up fast and others argue that the tradition should change. Old Man Warner laughs at the suggestion of stopping the lottery and mocks the opinion of those who were complaining about the tradition. Eventually, Bill Hutchinson draws the slip with a black spot. It is following this outcome that Tessie complains of how the draw was unfair. None of her protests move the people. However, she moves ahead to draw slips from the box with the rest of her family members. She picks the slip with the black spot. Her husband Bill Hutchinson without a doubt was willing to show everyone the new lottery winner. The villagers  move away from the square. While Tessie is angry and tries to convince the people that  it is not right . Her words are ignored as people, including members of her own family, begin throwing stones at her.

Annotated Bibliography (20 points): Six sources (at least 2 of 6 must be websites), correctly formatted, with insightful assessment and critique of the sources. Generally, an annotated bibliography is 6-8 sentences / 150-200 words in length. Students must be physically present in class to complete the next part of the project.


Please write a formal essay with 4 paragraphs on the similarities between these constitutions and 4 paragraphs on the differences between these constitutions. Please remember that a paragraph is 5-7 sentences in this class. Each paragraph must contain 2 specific examples, one from the Florida Constitution and one from the U.S. Constitution), and a total of 8 paragraphs.

the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. In your response, make sure that you refer to specific aspects and functions (using specific examples) of each Constitution when you are preparing for and writing this essay. You do not need an introduction or conclusion for this essay, but you may choose to do so. Please use sentence and paragraph format but please attempt to paraphrase and summarize rather than use direct quotes. That said, you do not need to use MLA formatting for this essay, and you do not need a Works Cited page for this essay.

Choose a newsworthy article about something happening at the international, state, or local level in this month (February).
The set-up
1. Citation at the top.
2. Summary that includes one quote that is properly cited. Give important information-who, what, where, when, and why (4-5 sentences)
3. Outcome/opinion (3-5 sentences): why is this event important or significant? What are your thoughts or opinions? Why did you choose this article

Write a 1,000-word research-based essay in current APA format that focuses on the integration of faith and leading change. The essay must include at least 2 peer-reviewed references in addition to the course textbook and the Bible. The essay must also show at least 1 example of a leader who successfully navigated a company through a period of change, and at least 1 example of a leader who did not successfully navigate a company through a period of change.

“I do not live in a place. I live in a time, in the components of my psyche, in a sensitivity special to me (91).” –  Mourid  Barghouti
In thinking on the meaning of this quote from Barghouti’s memoir, write a cogent and fluid post that addresses the following questions:

1. What are the implications of exile and displacement for Barghouti, and what does this mean in thinking on Palestine and issues of land, place, home, borders, and nation?

2. How does Barghouti’s memoir put forward a very non-violent and existential perspective?  Think about this as to how he portrays sentiments of ennui, loss of meaning, and longing.

3. How does Barghouti pressure the meaning of identity and belonging through the ideas and issues of citizenship, stranger, refugee, and resident?

Support your analysis with at least two direct references to the text.

The first assignment/forum is focused on the first 5 chapters, to the end of page 103.

Analyze the role of community corrections to address the needs of special populations. When conducting your analysis consider those special correctional populations that are more appropriately served with community corrections supervision instead of incarceration. The assignment needs be written in 12 point font, using Times Roman. Margins will also need to be 1 inch. Write in third person.