Please answer the following questions:

Question 1:
“Theoretical Orientations and Integrated Perspectives”  Please respond to the following:

Of the five (5) theoretical orientations of learning, explore the one (1) that most closely aligns with your philosophical approach to teaching and learning. Next, construct an adult learning scenario where the blending of theoretical orientations would be most appropriate for the learner population therein. Justify your response.

Appraise the different approaches (e.g., biological, psychological, sociocultural, etc.) which may influence the myriad of methods by which adults construct learning. Suggest key instructional strategies that you might use that favor an integrated approach to teaching within a diverse learning context. Provide examples of such strategies in use in order to support your response.

Question 2:
“Adulthood, Cognitive Development, and Multiple Intelligence”  Please respond to the following:

Analyze one (1) of the Neo-Piagetians theories of cognitive development discussed within Chapter 13, and examine the primary ways in which the chosen theory falls short in addressing adult learners from a different class, ethnicity, gender, and / or social context. Suggest specific implications of applying the chosen conceptualization within a learning setting comprising adult learners. Justify your response.

From the e-Activities, defend or critique the results generated from your unique M.I. Snowflake. Next, examine at least one (1) criticism of the application of Gardners multiple intelligences theory within an adult learning setting, and give your opinion of the validity of the criticism in question.

Question 3:
“Memory, Cognition, and The Brain, as They Relate to Adult Learners”  Please respond to the following:

Recommend key instructional strategies geared toward facilitating the transfer of knowledge to long-term memory. Next, suggest approaches that instructors may use in order to compensate for the challenges of storage information storage and retrieval that occur with age.

From the e-Activity, compare the results of the two (2) quizzes / tests that you have taken. Distinguish the common thread(s)or lack thereofthat the results yielded. Next, suggest which type of knowledgei.e., procedural or proceduralwould yield the best results with an adult learner like you. Provide a rationale for your response.