You have learned that it was important for African Americans to attempt to retain their African musical traditions in America. In order to do so, they had to compromise, finding ways to blend their musical practices with European values regarding music, religion and society.
You have also learn about the incredible hardships Africans faced traveling against their will to America. Unquestionably their journey was frightening beyond belief. Because they were not allowed to take possessions with them, how important do you think their musical traditions became to them on their journey? What did their music mean to them in a foreign land?
Have you ever been in an unfamiliar, frightening, or disappointing situation? Did you perhaps seek familiar music for comfort? Did music help you through those moments? Briefly describe a situation in which you may have sought music as an antidote to disappointment, or as magic to enhance a particular moment. What music did you choose? Does that particular music still have a similar effect when you hear it now?

Instructions: your paper should be a minimum of 2 paragraphs, double spaced, written in 12 pt font, and must conform to MLA guidelines. Do not use extra spaces between paragraphs.

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