Review a current news article dealing with some aspect of operating systems.
You can obtain these articles either on the Internet or in a computer related periodical like PC Magazine, Computer World, Byte, or PC World. There is an abundance of articles available, so find one that you are interested in reviewing, just make sure the articles main focus has something to do with operating systems. DO NOT do a book report on “what is my operating system”
The article must not be more than six months old and should be long enough to adequately deal with the subject matter.
Each Article Review is to contain the following:
1.    Magazine Article Title and Author
2.    Publication Name and Date
3.    Work link to the URL for the article
4.    Student Name and Date Prepared
5.    Summary (detailed and well organized)
6.    One Compliment
7.    One Criticism
8.    Follow the style and format of the attached example of an article review
The compliment and criticism relate to the approach of the author. What did the author do well (compliment)? What could he have done better (criticism)? For example, were there good graphics to explain the concept? Did the author appear to be overly biased?
The article summary, compliment, and criticism are to be well organized in separate sections in your review. Be sure to include your name and the date prepared, and attach a copy of the article if possible.
Article Review Specifications:
    Length: 500 or more words, not counting the article itself
    Font: Arial or New Times Roman
    Type Size: 12 Points
    Margins: One Inch Spacing: inoperable
    Single Spaced
Save your file as Lastname_CPT_257_REVIEW.docx then submit the completed WORD document here.
CPT257 – Article Review Grading
CPT257 – Article Review Example.pdf
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