Please read the attached document and thoroughly respond to the prompt in continuous prose form (i.e. paragraphs, not bullet points, notes, etc.). Remember to proofread, check your spelling, and use proper grammar. Your writing should be formal in nature, which means no slang or contractions, all verbs, and their subjects must agree, and the text must adhere to all grammar rules. Poor execution will definitely negatively impact your assignment grade. Your work should reflect your knowledge (including research) of the weekly topic, meaning that it will be both thorough and comprehensive. Skimpy responses are not acceptable.

Your response should be, at minimum, 600 words (single-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, 1-inch margins) in length. Your full name, the CRN number, and the assignment number must appear in the header of every page of your submission.

Instructions: In 750-1,000 words, create an analysis of how a Christian worldview could impact your company’s Mission and Vision statements and its business practices. Include the following:

– Review the company’s Mission and Vision statements. (Cracker Barrel, please use their inclusive mission and vision statement as well and company mission and vision statement)

– Describe elements of your company’s Mission and Vision statements that reflect the organization’s commitment to the greater social good

– Explain how the company’s commitment to the greater social good relates to elements of a Christian worldview.

– Are the company’s practices consistent with a Christian worldview? Explain.

Be sure to cite three to five relevant and credible sources in support of your content. Use only sources found at the GCU Library or those provided in Topic Materials.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

evaluate and recommend a solution to a business problem of your choosing. This requires you to define the problem, explain why it is important to the organization, propose and evaluate possible solutions to the problem, and support your recommendation with evidence and sound reasoning. If you began working on the assignment last week, this week, you will finalize the work you have already done and add a section explaining how your recommended solution would increase corporate sustainability.

The purpose of the activity is for you to explain and evaluate different recruiting, selection, onboarding, and performance management methods.
Assignment alignment with Course Competencies:
Recommend recruiting, selection and performance management solutions or initiatives to address dynamic customer and stakeholder needs.
Interpret HR recruiting, selection and performance management issues and challenges to develop strategic solutions and interventions.
Critique recruiting, selection and performance management initiatives to ensure alignment with HR and organizational strategies.
1. Read the entire case study carefully and then respond to the seven Discussion Questions on page 5. Answer all questions and all parts of each question.
2. Develop each answer to the fullest extent possible, including citations from course resources, where applicable, to support your arguments.
3. Submit your assignment as a separate MS Word document in your assignments folder.
Do not type your answers into the case study document.
4. Include a Cover Page with Name, Date, and Title of Assignment.
5. Do not include the original question. Use the following format: Question 1, Question 2, etc.
6. Each response should be written in complete sentences, double-spaced and spell-checked. Use 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins on all sides
7. Include page numbers according to APA formatting guidelines.
8. Include citations in APA format at the end of each answer.
9. You must submit to the assignment link by the due date. A missing assignment will be assigned a grade of 0.

You hold the position of Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer for Green Power Corporation. Prepare an action plan for Sydney as she considers how to use the information generated by James. The plan should include alternative courses of action based on ethical considerations and principles, and then choose and support a single recommendation. Consider the possibility that Sydney may have a conflict of interest because of her recently announced retirement plans and the possibility of her stock options attaining a market value of 20 million dollars if GPCs new marketing campaign is successful.

In Lesson 2, we learned that political views can influence the beliefs that people have regarding the factors that affect energy pricing. Lesson 3 shows us that there are many beliefs (in many cases, very strong beliefs) that people have regarding sustainable, renewable, and conventional energy that are often completely unfounded or based on incomplete information. The four myths highlighted in the chapter that are based on the 2011 OSU study are definitely not the only myths that people have regarding renewable energy. Research and discuss both the myths highlighted in the 2011 OSU study and other common myths when it comes to renewable and/or sustainable energy.

Things to consider include stats/figures that support or refute these myths, motives/influences that may drive the belief in these myths and the sources of these influences, and ways in which consumers can be educated on energy so that they can distinguish between myths and realities. Since 2011, many of the beliefs related to the myths reported in the OSU study have shifted. Therefore, another thing to consider is how these beliefs have evolved through time. 

Please make certain that you cite diverse readings assigned during weeks1-6 of our busy semester. In this way, your Professor is able to evaluate your understanding and ability to apply the methods and analytic processes of Risk Identification and Project Management you are learning this semester. Creating a Risk Register is required: there are many examples from our readings under Content. Formatting requirements:
1.Length of paper Four to Five-page limit (number pages in footer: required).
2. A Cover Sheet with your name, date and paper title (does not count for page count)
3. APA style reference citations for section entitled References.  Short form in the paper would be (PMI, 2017, page number) for the PMBOK Guide, for example.
4. No abstract required!
Identification of Risks section: 2 pages — Use of Methods from PMBOK
Guide and assigned readings (5 points).  A Risk Register is required!
1. Identification and careful phrasing of 5 project risks using
methods from PMBOK Guide and readings assigned
Identification and discussion of project scope, budget,
intellectual property (IP), and resource risks facing Cynapse
2.Use of qualitative and quantitative risk rating with a scale of
your choice: rating scales are placed at bottom of Register
Risk Management Recommendation section: 2.5 pages
Risk management processes, tools and project management approaches in
managerial recommendations format (5 points)
1.Tools and best practices to mitigate schedule risks
2. Methods to mitigate resource risks and loss of IP
3.Techniques and tools to limit scope creep
4. Methods for budgetary risks
5. Recommendations for managing documentation risks