Adam Clayton Powell (1989

Video Report: on “Adam Clayton Powell”. A video released in 1989 is best available documentary on Adam Clayton Powell–showing both political and racial aspects of his affiliation with United States and Congress.


      (Limit report to no more than one half page–double space)
1)  Title of Video
2)Film-maker’s purpose for creating video
3) Methods/Facts Used to Achieve Main Purpose
4)  Facts/Methods/Sources Omitted by Film-maker
5)  Your Critique of Whether Film-maker Achieved Purpose specified in Item 1  of your report

Explain the relationship between a Sergeants Majors role in establishing and sustaining a positive and ethical climate and the role of leadership in the exercise of moral courage (think about your responsibility to establish a positive ethical climate and how this impacts moral courage).

Reflect upon the below questions before you begin:

-How does a Sergeant Major help to sustain and maintain an ethical command climate in war? The response should discuss how the Sergeant Major would assess and develop the climate and ensure that the organizational conduct, policy, and norms are aligned with stated values.
-What is the Sergeant Majors role in fostering an environment where moral courage is displayed? -Your response should discuss the relationship between physical and moral courage and how power affects the demonstration of moral courage.

Assignment Instructions: Write a 400-word substantive entry responding to the prompts above. Use at least two references from the attached documents.

Question: In what ways does the country elect its political representatives?
Country: Israel

I must answer this question in depth, maybe in the format of PEEL because he specifically told us he does not want a paragraph full of facts right after the other. I must state the fact and explain how and why. I will be graded on this question alone, and I really need to get a 5/5!

First, read the questions in the assessment below so you will have a general idea of what you will be looking for in the article. Next, open and read the attached PDF article. Answers to the questions should be written in accurate, detailed, and complete sentences (2-4 per question).

1. Describe the issue (the underlying problem) the article discusses and describe the proposed solution.
2. Describe the information that is presented as evidence in the article that demonstrates the need to address the issue.
3. Describe any projected/expected outcomes that are used to justify the solution proposed in the article.
4. Based upon your understanding of the policy proposal in this article, state whether you support/oppose the policy proposed (or even offer a different policy choice) and then explain why you take that position. (HINT: you might want to wait to answer this question last so you have completely thought about all the nuances of this assignment from the other questions!)
5. Describe problems the issue creates for individuals (How might you or someone else be personally affected by the issue?).
6. Evaluate the positive and negative effects the proposed solution may have on individuals.
7. Explain if and how the proposed solution supports values of democracy, such as liberty, equality, justice, independence, opportunity, and freedom.
8. Describe ways individuals (you and/or others) might change their community involvement or political participation if this proposed solution was adopted.

Explore the Center for Responsive Politics  website. The Center for Responsive Politics tracks money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy. The center provides data and analytical reports on a number of topics (presidential elections, super pacs, political parties, 527 groups, etc.)

Research an area that interests you on the site. Submit a minimum one page summary and analysis of your findings on the topic. Include links to the pages you consulted for your assignment.

Each response should be paragraph should be a minimum of one full page written in full sentences  (minimum of 10 sentences)

In what ways is market theory considered to be a revolution in economic thinking? What challenges did history and competing philosophies bring against market theory? How were these challenges sought to be resolved? Using the readings in the course up until Week 7 (Theory of Groups), address in particular the evolution in the role of government including the application of market theory to politics and government actions to resolve market failures and collective action problems.

An A paper will compare and contrast the readings as well as the theories. I want to see clear explanation of market theory, its challenges, and the role of government backed up with evidence, both empirical evidence and the opinions of the authors you read as part of the course. Outside research is NOT needed. It is important to cite the authors you have read in class from the start of the semester to Week 7: Theory of Groups

Answers need to be 10 pages (excluding cover page, question page etc), double-spaced, 1-inch margins all-around, using 12-point Times New Roman font. Please use subheads and paragraphs to break up your answer. I will be checking for plagiarism. Answers must be submitted on Blackboard before or on March 21. Please copy and paste your answer in the window AND attach a file.
I will look at completed drafts if submitted by March 14. I will not look at incomplete drafts or those submitted after March 14.

What are some of the significant reasons or causes for the low voter turnout in America? Describe the  differences in the levels of voter turnout for presidential as opposed to other types of elections such as for  the presidency, Congress, state officials and local governments. Is voter apathy and alienation such a deeply rooted problem  in American that increasing voter turnout might prove to be very difficult?

What do you propose as ways to increase voter participation in elections? Will new technologies such as the Internet offer solutions to the low voter turnout in America? Does early voting increase voter participation?  Finally, if voter turnout is increased in the future, will that lead to an improvement of the American governmental system? That is, will government function better if more people participate in elections than do now? Was there a larger (or smaller) turnout for the November 2020 election than the 2016 presidential election? Why or why not? Which political party, if either, will benefit from the level of voter participation during the 2020 presidential and  congressional elections.