Please write a brief narrative (5 -7 sentences) about a problem you are currently experiencing. How could the above-mentioned narrative be changed to be less problem-saturated? Please include at least one scripture that could be used to reframe your problem.

1. I am currently experiencing anxiety/depression about my future. (You can write in first person as a narrative)

2. One scripture that could be used to reframe my problem (1 Corinthians 7:32) I want you to be from anxieties

Resources to use:

Corey, G. (2017). Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy (10th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 978-1305263727 | Loose-leaf edition ISBN: 978- 1305857469
(Chapters 13 and 14)



So from what I see, you are discussing the issue of diffusion of responsibility/the bystander effect. Both of these sound similar to me, because you can start with “would you try to help at all” and move to “under what circumstances would you try to help”. Are you trying to “inform” your audience about it? Are you raising awareness about the issue? I highly recommend that you make your PSA not only be informative, but also lead to behavior change. The topic is good, but you need to make it specific, make it appeal to a wide audience, and include “novel” solutions based on the concepts we have discussed together in class. I am more than happy to help along the way as you formulate your ideas further.

it should contain visual aids( graphs, charts,  tables)


here  is the sample  ppt

the analysis papers are five to seven pages in length but may be longer.  You must cover all the major concepts of the theory and demonstrate that you not only understand and can describe the concept but that you can apply it accurately.  Imagine you are the theorist and that you are writing a colleague. You would want to explain your theory and then also explain how your theory applies to this unique person you have met — Meursault!

Some key points:

Do NOT quote from your textbook — you need to be able to explain the concepts in our own words.  Anyone can cut/paste — it demonstrates no understanding of the material.
Make sure you both define and apply.
Make sure that you focus on all of the major concepts of the theorist.
Make sure you focus on how the theorist defines and applies a concept.  Don’t add in concepts that are from other theories or pop psychology.  Also, make sure you don’t use a “popular” definition of a term but rather use the term accurately based on the specific theory.  For example, Freud, Jung, and a host of others include the term “ego” but each theorist uses the term differently.
Section headings are a really good idea!

Analysis of Teaching Video Write a ONE PAGE (or longer) analysis of the video. This analysis should begin with the context in which the video clip is situated in the two-lesson sequence what day of instruction it is, where in that lesson you occurred, your goals, and any critical  events you noticed. Then describe the key parts, including what you noticed did and not work, and key instructional decisions made. Give an explanation for the why behind what happened during your teaching and the choices you made.

Describe your current or future job field and the ways in which an understanding of intercultural communication would help you to become more effective and successful in your work within that field. The textbook describes this type of communication in conjunction with business, education, and the healthcare field in particular, so if you would like, you can position your work under one of these categories.

Please see the attached assessment research paper rubric for instructions. You are to discuss the topic and to include all of the information in the rubric. Be sure to have headings such as the introduction, significance of the information, questions, implications, and so on. Make sure to answer each topic proposal question in a paragraph with the headings as well. I need the headings that belong in the research paper from the research rubric to be included and bold in the paper.


Book Report Guidelines:
after you read Man’s Search For Meaning, please define and analyze the theory presented (logo theory) according to the criteria provided below. the report is to be five pages, double spaced, with font size 12.
if you are like me, you will fall in love with viktor frankl: the father of the best and brightest of an offshoot of existentialistic therapy that he named logo therapy. the word logo refers to the word label; in this case a reason– a logo that summarizes the purpose for their existence and the reason they were put on earth.
His history is very interesting; he was a prisoner in the concentration camps during the horrors of II world wars, and developed his theory during his stay there. It is the best of existentialistic theory and it is my pleasure to teach/introduce you to it.
I want you to know that when times were tough for me personally, reading Viktor Frankls man search for meaning, in which he explains and applies his logo therapy, helped me overcome and move on to where I am today.
please follow the attached guidelines (from chapter 1) for your evaluation of his theory for this project.

Rubric: Students will write a research paper that incorporates current and relevant literature in the field. The research paper can be on any topic related to the course, such as ethical problems, client?s rights, multicultural issues, professional competence, availability of mental health care; or you may select a type of psychotherapeutic treatment, a diagnostic category from the DSM-V, a specific population, or an issue that is controversial in mental health and human services.  You must demonstrate that you can find and incorporate literature in the human services area to inform your opinions and ideas. With at least three sources cited within your paper, including two sources from the professional literature (a textbook, professional journal, or online resource that is provided by a professional organization).