ESSAY 2: Select a series of articles on the same issue or event from three different publicationsone classified as right, one classified as left, and one classified as center/least biased. Conduct a thorough analysis of bias in the articles by closely evaluating the language choices, quality and credibility of other sources cited, placement of key ideas within the text, omissions of key ideas or potential contradictions, and so on. To be clear, students should not share their opinions on the content itself (whether you support or oppose gun control, for instance–again, this is not an issue/debate essay); students are solely analyzing the bias represented in the content. The goal of the essay is to demonstrate a sophisticated depth of understanding regarding inherent bias in news publications. In assessing this essay, I will be looking at the quality of writing (as highlighted in the rubric) and also the depth of critical thought and analysis represented in your discussion. You should plan to cite the source you are analyzing and also at least three other relevant, scholarly sources. (Specifics: Use MLA Style or APA Style, as long as you’re consistent. Write roughly 5-7 pages plus the references).

Also, here is the Essay 2 Rubric for you:

Introduction                            20 points

Is the introduction compelling? Does it intrigue the reader to want to keep reading? Does it adequately introduce the topic of the entire essay? Does it include an effective thesis statement?

Purpose/Thesis                        20 points

Is the purpose of the essay clearly to analyze bias in three different news sources (left, right, and center) that highlight the same issue or event? Does the thesis reflect this in one well-developed but also concise sentence?

Support                                  20 points

Does the essay provide factual evidence and clear reasoning to support the thesis? Does the essay build the student writers credibility by considering opposing viewpoints fairly? Has the student writers research been comprehensive enough to address the thesis responsibly? Does the evidence support the analysis of bias in the essay?

Analysis                              20 points

Is the analysis in the supporting paragraphs explicit and well-developed? Does the writer include appropriate and sufficient examples to demonstrate the analysis? Is the analysis supported by scholarly research?

Organization                          20 points

Are the main divisions of thought logical and well-developed? Does the order of ideas match the essays chosen pattern of development suggested in the thesis statement?

Coherence                              20 points

Are key terms set up in the writing and repeated as necessary to facilitate audience understanding? Are transitional statements appropriately used to connect major divisions of thought and small ideas in the writing? Does each paragraph begin with a topic sentence that is further developed throughout the sentences within the paragraph? Is the relationship of each sentence to the sentence before and after clear?

Effective Expression              20 points

Are there any awkward sentences in the writing (student writers may benefit from reading their essays aloud before submission to hear such awkwardness in the writing)? Is the student writers word choice clear and appropriate throughout the writing? Is the writing primarily free of grammar, spelling, and mechanical errors, especially those that affect the audiences understanding of the writing?

Synthesis                                20 points

Does the student writer interpret the material/topic in an innovative way? Is the writing presented in the student writers unique voice? Does the writing include significant metacommentary that clarifies the student writers unique perspective? Is the essay support integrated with a clear connection to the thesis, organization, and conclusion of the essay?

Citation Style (MLA or APA)                                    20 points

Are the main expectations of the citation style honored both in in-text citations and the references page? Are sources appropriately quoted and/or paraphrased? Does the student writer grant credit to the authors and organizations who provided the information?

Requirements                          20 points

Does the student writer follow the essay requirements? Likewise, does the essay clearly analyze bias language present in three articles as per the assignment? Does the essay include appropriate scholarly research as noted in the assignment description?