In addition to the required reading, I will also provide many articles in the field of ludomusicology. Over the course of the semester, you will be expected to engage with at least two of these supplemental articles.

Then you will craft an article summary post using the “3-2-1” format, in which you:

Summarize three main aspects or arguments for the piece (which can also involve evaluating the arguments and stating your opinion of their effectiveness);
Identify two things you didn’t quite understand or found confusing or unclear (these can also be in the form of a question you might ask the author–a clarification, request for more information, follow-up, etc.);
Devise one potential discussion question that you would assign if you were the teacher, that could help your classmates make the way through the “maze” themselves. Or, if you were to ask a question of the author, what would it be?
Its like drawing a map of the dungeon for future travelers! You will need to complete two substantive article summary posts by the end of the semester to earn all of the XP! You will not be required to formally respond to your classmates Article summary Posts, but you may enjoy reading and comment on the summariesand extra participation is rewarded in this course.

I would recommend reading the article(s) once, marking important points that jump out at you, and then going back through a second time as you craft your post and the discussion questions.