hat all research analysis and evaluation within this assignment will contain components that will be included, or are a part of, your dissertation. You will advance to synthesis when completing the literature review for your dissertation.

As you complete this assignment, also consider assumptions, assertions, and inferences made by the author and yourself in relation to each of the content-specific research components within your discipline.

Review two journal articles (one qualitative and one quantitative) from the Week 5 Electronic Reserve Readings.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper analyzing and evaluating the methodology, results, and conclusion and the consideration of the ethical treatment and protection of human subjects in the content articles provided in class.

Consider the following questions and the criteria in the relevant sections of the practitioner Dissertation Criteria and Rating Scale (DCRS) as you complete your critical analysis and evaluation of the journal articles you reviewed.

How did the researcher establish the stages, theoretical/conceptual framework, elements, and appropriateness of data collection? What data collection procedures were used?
How are ethical considerations for data collection, analysis, and reporting described? How could ethical treatment and protection of human subjects have been improved or made clearer to readers?
How was the data analysis aligned to the method and design of the study? How did the analysis and presentation of the results support the claims or conclusions stated in the research study? How did the theoretical or conceptual framework used help provide a lens for the researcher reviewing the results of the study?
How was the generalization supported based on the design of the study? How was the scope of the generalization of the findings presented?

Describe the findings of your analysis and evaluation.

Explain the steps you took to analyze and evaluate the research components of the theoretical/conceptual framework, methodology, results, conclusion, and ethical considerations. What insight have you gained from this process that will help you to develop these sections of your dissertation?

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.