You must write a final paper, as a form of critical meditation, on one (or more) case study artworks or exhibitions covered in class.  This paper must also address, in depth, 2 -3 texts covered in class. Only one text may be from the same week as the case study. The idea is to reflect upon a combination of artworks and texts covered over the entire 10 weeks of our class. Your questions are prompts for you to return to the artworks/exhibitions/texts and dig deeper on what you initially found interesting. Please reference the Chicago Manuel of Style for footnotes etc.

Paper length: 2000- 3000 word

Case Studies You may select from either the case studies covered in required reading and/or those case studies covered in the supplemental reading. You may add other artworks to the discussion, but you must focus your primary analysis on a case study work covered in class.  These include:

Oscar Masotta, To Induce the Spirit of the Image, week two, Thinking

Mary Kelly, The Practical Past, week three, Hermeneutics

Alexandra Weltz & Andreas Pichler, Negri: The Revolt that Never Ends, week four, Empire

Marcel Duchamp, The Society of Independent Artists Exhibition, week five, Readymade

Jim Hubbard, United in Anger: A History of ACT UP, week six, AIDS demographics

Elisabeth Sussman, et. al., 1993 Whitney Biennial, week seven, Identity Politics

Yael Bartana, What if Women Ruled the World? week eight, Feminism/Resistance

Omar Mismar, Schmitt, You and Me, week nine, Friend/Enemy

Koki Tanaka, A Piano Played by Five Players at Once, week ten, Performance/Community