The great recession of 2008 exposed deep flaws in the framework of the “hyper-globalists” and has posed the need for a critical rethinking of the way in which IPE deals with the question of globalization With reference to the role of the state, critically assess the accuracy of the statement. Make reference specific books and articles for the course in addressing the question.

5. Final Research Assignment: Version A
Final Research Assignment: Version A

Weighting: 35% of your final course grade

After you open and begin working on this assignment, you must complete and submit it within seven (7) days.

To prepare for this assignment, make sure that you have submitted Assignments 1 and 2, and review all of the assigned readings and the course Study Guide.

To complete this assignment, you are required to write three (3) essays, one on each of the three (3) questions that you are assigned.

Each essay should be roughly 1,000 to 1,400 words long. Ensure that you cover a breadth of course material and include your own critical reflections on the material. Your essays are expected to conform to a standard university essay style, including a strong thesis statement, structural organization, and the proper use of citations and references. You must submit the Final Research Assignment within 7 days of starting your attempt.

Important note: During the 7 days in which you are working on this assignment, click on the Next or Summary of attempt buttons often to save your responses. If you have not submitted your answers by the time the assignment expires, the system will close and submit the Final Research Assignment automatically with whatever answers you have filled in so far, and no more attempts will be possible.
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