Now that you have practiced writing questions at various levels of rigor, create a blueprint (table) of how you will construct your summative test for your unit. Refer back to your reading from Week 1. You must have three levels of rigor. How many questions will you have at each level for your standard? This should be a good representation of each level. Level 1 questions should NOT be the majority of your test. Remember, you are not yet creating your questions. You are developing a plan as to how many questions you will have at each depth of knowledge. Your test should contain a minimum of 25 questions and should focus on higher-level questions. I will upload the blueprint that the professor wants us to go by. I also will upload the the syllabus that contains the rubric for this assignment on pg. 23.

The rubric for this assignment is located in the syllabus on page 23.

Test should consist of Reproduction and Heredity located on Page 34 and 35 of the 2018 ms_ccrs document.

I also uploaded the test blue print.

You may also let me know of what additional information is needed.