After reading Edgar Allan Poes short story, rewrite it from a new perspective (old man or police officer)
Use characters, conflict, plot, setting, & theme as part of your narrative story writing.
Use narrative techniques like dialogue, pacing, description, & incorporate details & dialogue from the text.
Use an editable Word document for this assignment.
Use Professional Font Style Times New Roman or Ariel
Font Size 12
Use double spacing
Justify your right margin for a professional look of your creation.
To efficiently complete the task, use the attached pre-writing packet to plan your writing.
Your narrative story should range between 1 full page to 1.5 page at the most.
You should have a total of 4 paragraphs Expository paragraph, Conflict/Rising Action paragraph, Climax/Falling Action paragraph and Resolution paragraph.  Use the attached Self-Revision Checklist.
Follow MLA style for this assignment as well as all future writing assignments.