For this activity, you will listen to a podcast selected from “Special Education Matters,” a series dedicated to providing helpful information to parents/guardians navigating the world of special education. It covers a range of topics!

Visit the website:

Or go to Podcasts from your phone and search for “Special Education Matters Michael Boll.”

Choose any episode based on a topic that you’re interested in. Listen to it carefully and take notes.

Once you are done, you will go to Discussions and summarize what you learned from the podcast. Be sure to tell the title of the episode, give the main points of the episode, and also discuss how it connects to (or contradicts) what you’ve learned in class or your own experiences. It should end up being a paragraph or two long. Also, respond to a classmate and express thoughts on their summary and/or tell how your episode was related to theirs. Don’t respond to someone who listened to the same episode as you :).

40 points for your original discussion thread.

10 points for your response to a classmate.