Technical Manual/Guidebook: Recall from Technical Writing Chapter 11 that the manual is a document that contains a preface and up to four sections of instructions. In total there are five sections in a manual. The five sections are: 1) Preface to explain the product 2) Tutorial instructions to get started with installation 3) a Guide to advanced features such as operation 4) Trouble-shooting steps for fixing problems and servicing, and 5) Maintenance procedures such as steps for parts replacement. Please write a manual to respond to the following assignment prompt below:
You are working for a commercial manufacturing company EV+ that is designing a new product for the market. Your boss has assigned you the task of writing a helpful guide for the customers of your new product. The new product is a battery-operated chargeable electric vehicle. You are to write a five-section manual to explain the product, setup, working, troubleshooting and maintenance of an electric vehicle.
Remember the following:
    Write for a non-specialist audience.
    Write your responses in paragraph form.
    Write list inclusions for each section as applicable.
    Do not include tables, figures or diagrams.
    From the assigned sample documents, research the technical specifications of several of your competitors products on the market.
    Select only the information that is useful to include for your companys product.
    In the Preface, clearly explain the purpose and theory of your companys new electric vehicle using references from external source documents.
    Any non-verbal components from the source material should be explained clearly and concisely in words.
Include a title page with student name and ID at the beginning of the document, and a page of up to three references at the end of the document. (Note that the title page and the references page do not count towards the word count or the page total). Please remember the following:
    You must read and cite no fewer than two and no more than three additional sources to help to explain the concepts in your manual.
    Please remember to cite and reference each one of your sources as appropriate.
    Each one of the five sections must be written to a minimum length of one page.
    Write your answer in five pages double-spaced (minimum 1,250 words). Explain the system in five steps:
1.    preface that introduces the topic
2.    tutorial for installation
3.    guide for operation
4.    trouble shooting
5.    maintenance

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