As usual, your team is to choose five (5) stocks for this portfolio.  For this project, you will refine your strategies for selecting stocks. In the last project you measured value strictly according to the stocks book-to-market value (BV/MV), or price to book (P/B). For this project, you will build a portfolio using a top down analysis in addition to stock picking strategies; one that first assesses the nature of the economy, then identifies the appropriate sector(s) and industry(s), then selects stocks with six to twelve month potential using several screening criteria.

You will begin by citing at least three (3) economic experts regarding the economic climate over the next 6-12 months, then progress to sectors and industries recommended by sector and industry experts. You must then use a minimum of four screening criteria of your choosing to identify five stocks for your portfolio.  Consult Chapters 9, 14, 17 and 18 in BK&M, as well as any online sources to aid your strategy. You are free to select growth and/or value stocks, but you must include each stocks P/B ratio if choosing value stocks.
Pages 3    On a separate page, list and describe the selection criteria for your stocks. Please briefly explain why the criteria is valid.

Pages 4-.    For each stock, provide a separate page detailing the company’s business and justification for your choices based on your economic analysis. Your report for each stock should also include a brief analysis (provided by the source of your choice), and the source(s) of your information. You must articulate your rationale for choosing your stocks in your words.