Robert Nozicks Experience Machine thought experiment asks you to consider the possibility of having your brain plugged into a machine that feeds you all the needed stimuli so as to perfectly recreate any situation you could possibly desire.  The simulations would be indistinguishable from what you are able to experience not plugged into the machine and, indeed, we could use the machine to simulate a perfect life, full of any and every experience you could desire.  And yet, he thinks, something would be wrong with “plugging in.”  In the end, Nozick seems to make the argument what is GOOD cannot be reduced to merely having certain types of experiences (most notably, experiences of happiness or satisfaction).  He seems to believe that there is something good or valuable about living a live that cannot be simulated.

For your initial post there are two points you need to address: first, do you agree with Nozick’s position?  And if so, what could this be and why think it is of value? If not, what argument can you offer against Nozick’s position?  Second, if Nozick’s argument works, what do you think this does as an argument against Hedonism?