Hi there,

Please help me with the Research Paper for my Microbiology class, the topic I want you to do research on is
Causative Agent:
Scientific name of organism(s)? Cellular/structural characteristics:
If Bacterial: Gram reaction, shape and arrangement, metabolic capabilities, etc.
If Viral: Genetic molecule, enveloped/naked, size, provirus, multiplication cycle, etc.
If Prion: Description, location in body, function of normal form, etc.
If Eukaryotic: Kingdom, multi- or uni- cellular, life cycle, metabolic capabilities, etc.

How long have we known about the disease?
History of vaccine development/treatment?
Changes in our knowledge and attitudes of this disease throughout history?

Prevalence and transmission of the disease:
Where in the world is it prevalent? How many people currently infected?
Reservoir? Mode of transmission? Rate of new infections?
Rates of morbidity and mortality?

Pathogenic effects on cells, tissues, organs, and systems:
What is the damage the pathogen inflicts and how is it inflicted?
Mechanical damage, toxins, damage from immune response?
Sequence of infection: Incubation, prodrome, illness, decline, convalescence.
Signs and symptoms of infection?

Response and Treatment:
Activity of the immune system against the pathogen:
Cell mediated, humoral, innate, acquired?

Medical treatment:
Diagnosis? Progression of the disease in the host with vs. without treatment?
Antibiotic resistant strains?
Prophylactic measures?

Socio-politico-economic issues:
Historic and present-day issues that impact the spread of the disease.
Practices and policies that help limit the spread of the disease? Cost of treatment?
of the  Elephantiasis (aka lymphatic filariasis) disease.

All the instructions are in the files that I uploaded, and please follow it carefully, use  single-spaced, with 1 inch margins and 12-point, Times New Roman font.
And you don’t need to do the Cover Sheet, just do the research on the topic i gave you.

thank you, and good luck. 🙂