In a coherent, integrated essay, please provide the following advice to Georgia and Loren.  Please organize your essay with appropriate headings so that it is easy to follow your advice and understand the basis supporting it.

Georgia and Loren do not yet have any sort of company or business organization together. They have worked together in an informal collaboration creating Phoebe. They are considering one of the following:  (1)  C-Corp; (2) S-Corp; (3) Limited Liability Company (LLC); (4) General Partnership.  In your essay,

Define each of these four (4)  business organizations;
Explain the pros and cons of each for Georgia and Loren;
Then, recommend one of these four as the best choice for Georgia and Loren; and
Explain why that selection is your recommendation.
Georgia and Loren know they need to protect their proprietary rights to their invention through use of intellectual property (IP) protection.  Three types of IP that might apply are:  (1) patent; (2) copyright; (3) trademark.  For your essay,

Select TWO (2) of these three IP to recommend for protecting their interest in Phoebe.

For EACH ONE that you select, provide the following information for Georgia and Loren:
definition of the IP;
describe how the IP applies to Phoebe;
explain in what way the IP protects their interest in Phoebe;
include length of time the protection lasts; and
explain how they go about acquiring the IP.