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post 1:
In the 1980s, the personal computer (PC) emerged, and revolutionized the utilization of technology in various aspects (Nelson & Staggers, 2018, p.595). For instance, healthcare providers became direct users of computers, which promoted the use of technology to better patient outcomes (Nelson & Staggers, 2018, p.595). Patient medical history/data was gathered, interpreted, and organized into EMR/EHR systems, increasing the efficiency of healthcare institutions and better yet, patient safety. In addition, authorized healthcare providers may share patient information with more than one healthcare organization; thus, patient outcomes increase through coordination of care. In addition, patient participation increases with the use of an EHR and facilitates communication with a provider. Overall, Health information technology (HIT) has been shown to improve patient safety, especially with processes and applications that improve clinicians’ decision making, documentation, and communication (Helwig & Lomotan, 2016). Hand in hand with the use of an EHR, technological options vary readily available for patient care, such as wearable technology, interactive patient technology, and smart technologyleading towards fewer adverse events.

And yet, our healthcare system fails, as with the case of John Alexander James. Considerations for patient safety care begin at or even prior to admission and continue after discharge follow-up. There was a lack of consideration for patient safety in John Alexanders case. To begin, basic medical errors were made with regards to lab values. Per Dr. James, John Alexanders potassium level was consistently low and left untreated, resulting in his death (Patient Safety Movement, 2019). In addition, various EKGs depicted an arrhythmia, representative of a long QT intervalpossibly as a result of the untreated hypokalemia. At this point, healthcare providers should have responded to manage these symptoms. They had the data, information, and more than likely the knowledge to treat John Alexander, but failed on the wisdom of nursing (Nelson, 2018). Wisdom is demonstrated when the nursing data, information and knowledge are managed and used in making appropriate decisions that meet the health needs of individual (Nelson, 2018). Furthermore, John Alexander was deceived that a cardiac MRI was performed; however, the available technicians were not readily trained to utilize the equipment (Patient Safety Movement, 2019). This resulted in John Alexander pushed further into invasive procedures, a cardiac catherization and electrophysiology test (Patient Safety Movement, 2019). The use of technology can only be effective to better patient outcomes if proper training for equipment/procedures is done prior to implementation. In addition, there was a major lack of communication throughout his treatment, discharge instructions, and follow-up appointment. For example, an EHR system will alert if a lab value is out of range, coordinate appropriate follow-up care, and electronically provide detailed discharge instructions; however, basic, yet key communication among care providers lacked significantly. The accumulation of errors resulted in an adverse event for John Alexander James.


Alex James. Patient Safety Movement, 2 Apr. 2019,

Helwig, Amy, and Edwin Lomotan. Can Electronic Health Records Prevent Harm to Patients? AHRQ, Feb. 2016,

Nelson, R., (September 19, 2018) “Informatics: Evolution of the Nelson Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom Model: Part 1” OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing Vol. 23, No. 3.

Nelson, Ramona, and Nancy Staggers. Health Informatics: an Interprofessional Approach. Elsevier, 2018.

Post 2:
1) Mr.James has his Ph.D. which helps him with being a great advocate for health education and his son. He has knowledge of the healthcare system based on his education. Mr. James went through the parent role in losing his son seeing things from a different view. Having been on both sides gives him great knowledge to pass on to others by sharing his story.

2) Some lessons to learn would be to look into learning more about the diagnosis to be sure they are correct and that everything was done to get a correct diagnosis and treatment, there was miss diagnosis in Alexs case. Communication was another error as no one warned him not to run after the first collapse on the discharge papers. It took after Alex died for anyone to let his father know that an MRI was done wrong due to poor training (ihi).

3) Technology can promote better healthcare by having better communication between providers by email, messaging, and online video chats. It can also help by giving access to records and Dr. orders reducing medication errors thus providing patient-centered care to all (HIMSS).


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APA 7th edition

In a 5-7 page paper (using APA format), reiterate your proposed area of study including your problem statement from week 1 and your research question from this weeks discussion forum. In addition, include the following essential specifics; review examples posted to get an idea of the detail needed for these elements:

Setting or site where study will be undertaken
The participants or population (age, range, gender, students, teachers, colleagues, etc.)
Support your chosen area of focus (problem statement and research questions) using the  three sources from the week 1 paper and three additional sources (these should be peer-reviewed articles) which will serve as the basis of your literature review (Chapter Two).
Week 2 Written Assignment Rubric

Quality of Content (80 Points)

___/40:  Reflective and critical thinking (i.e., application, synthesis, analysis, and/or evaluation) are coherently and consistently used to discuss the problem statement and research questions, setting or site of the study, and the participants or population involved in the study.

___/40:  Support your chosen area of focus (problem statement and research question) using and relating at least three additional peer-reviewed sources (along with the three from week 1 paper) which will serve as the basis of your literature review (Chapter Two).

Quality of Writing (20 Points)

___/ 5:  Format Text meets APA/MSE standards.

___/ 5:  Organization Organization of paper demonstrates critical thinking.  (Paper contains cover page, introduction, conclusion, headings, and effective transitions).

___/ 5:  Precision Student uses terminology and writes clearly and concisely.

___/ 5:  Mechanics Student spells, constructs sentences, and punctuates correctly.

These are the comments the professor made on my week 2 discussion

Hi Wilda,

This first part is excellent: To understand the many issues involving law enforcement and minority communities, it would require extensive research which would probably involve long-term case studies in various populations. For the sake of time and purpose of this course, I needed to narrow down my topic with the hope of providing a report that may benefit all parties involved. Dr. Sager provided feedback for me in week one of my discussion stating, The goal is to gather information and produce a type of report that the community can use to improve the relation among all groups.  With that being said, I understand that my action research project can be used as a catalyst for change in the community. I am looking to hone in and decide on a research question. In this respect you do not have the traditional intervention and post but rather are using the responses from the first interviews of the two groups (members of the community and officers) along with research you have found on the solutions to the topic and write a report to present to the community and officers. You should hold a focus group or interview after presentation of the report for the post.

Your proposed RQ above (Who are the most frequent victims use of excessive force?)  is a different topic from : I want to focus on police and community relation on how to restore public trust.

A more fitting RQ would be to ask: What action plans would improve relationships between the community and its police officers? This is unbiased and only seeking answers to improving relationships between the community members and the police. You have to decide what you are doing.

The first two questions are biased and written to elicit a certain response which we dont want to do in research. The third question is good and all other questions you construct for the interview/surveys should be along these lines:

Do you feel safe to call the police when an incident has occurred?

Do you feel the police target a specific community because they are minorities?

What do you believe it would take to increase trust in law enforcement again?  This is the heart of your study and what you want to determine!

The rest on data collection is fine although for a topic such as this you might want the post-survey to be a focus group (can be done face-to-face or over Zoom).

Dr. S

Written Assignment:

In a 3-5-page paper, address the following elements: 1. Provide a description of the back ground on the topic on which you would like to conduct a study (several paragraphs; include three sources and use quotes where applicable that demonstrate the problem exists), 2. Write a problem-statement in one short paragraph (based on first element), 3. Write a research question your study will answer (based on the problem-statement). 4. Describe and explain how Action Research will answer your research question. These elements are the beginning of Chapter 1 Introduction for your thesis paper; see course for details). Due Sunday.

Note: An element of this opening assignment is to begin a literature search. You will identify an issue or problem that requires a solution; review existing literature (professional articles, other studies, etc.) that lends evidence to there being a problem as well as suggestions for solutions. From this you will construct a research question (week 2) and design a basic study to answer these questions (weeks 3-5). Your effort here should be as complete as possible at this time as it constitutes Chapter One: Introduction of your thesis paper (the more complete this section is written now the less you will have to do in the later part of this course).

Use APA format (e.g., TR, 12 pt type). Include a reference page with a minimum of three sources for each of the two sections or a total of six references (use in-text citations pertaining to these sources).


Week 1 Written Assignment Rubric

Quality of Content (80 Points)

___/20:  Description of background of the topic (purpose, significance, etc.)
___/40:  Draft of P/S and research question
___/10:  Explanation of how Action Research will answer your research question
___/10:  Conclusion

Quality of Writing (20 Points)

___/ 5:  Format Text meets APA/MSE standards.
___/ 5:  Organization Organization of paper demonstrates critical thinking.  (Paper contains cover page, introduction, conclusion, headings, and effective transitions).
___/ 5:  Precision Student uses terminology and writes clearly and concisely.
___/ 5:  Mechanics Student spells, constructs sentences, and punctuates correctly

I already wrote the paper and I have included how she graded my paper and the areas I need more work in. I received an F.

20/20:  Description of background of the topic (purpose, significance, etc.)
15/40:  Draft of P/S and research question
0/10:  Explanation of how Action Research will answer your research question
10/10:  Conclusion

Quality of Writing (20 Points)

4/ 5:  Format Text meets APA/MSE standards.
5/ 5:  Organization Organization of paper demonstrates critical thinking.  (Paper contains cover page, introduction, conclusion, headings, and effective transitions).
4/ 5:  Precision Student uses terminology and writes clearly and concisely.
4/ 5:  Mechanics Student spells, constructs sentences, and punctuates correctly.

Total: 62

A number of factors contribute to the challenges face by women in the highest levels of politics and organizations, including gender stereotypes and misperceptions regarding womens skills for the positions.
Read Chapter 6 in the textbook by Scott.

Read the article titled The Most Undervalued Leadership Traits of Women

Write a 3-4 page paper identifying the competencies and skills that are particularly relevant to women. Select a current female political or business leader to provide insight into how they have or have not utilized these skills to their advantage. Ensure the following points are addressed:

Describe the leaders path to leadership
Particular strengths that made them successful or the weaknesses that hindered them in their journey
Strategic leadership capabilities – be specific about this leader
Reputation, accountability and vision of the leader

Ensure to support your work with scholarly academic resources using APA format.

Using the New York Times article, “Defiant, Generic Drug Maker Continues to Raise Prices,” conduct further research on the pricing strategies of generic drug manufacturers. In 750-1,000 words, analyze the pricing strategies and discuss the following:
1.    Discuss the pricing decisions of generic drug manufacturers.
2.    Evaluate the impact competitors and additional economic factors have on the results of the generic drug pricing strategies. What factors contribute to the advantages and disadvantages of various pricing strategies?
3.    Discuss the social and financial implications of generic drug pricing decisions for various groups of stakeholders. What would be the socially optimum pricing strategy for the United States? What would be the socially optimum pricing strategy globally?

So I have to write a research paper on my question I have picked at the beginning of the semester. My question is “What health disparities affect the maternal mortality rate among African American women? “. We have to use 6 different articles that we have picked and written our summery on throughout the semester. These 6 articles we have to have to include in our paper. We have only done 2 so far. There are specific guidelines that we have to follow. I have attached the instructions below.

Please upload your FINAL research paper here. 

Choose one substance related disorder of their interest and write a research paper (about 7-10 pages).

(A) Choose one substance-related disorder of your interest (e.g., alcohol, cannabis, hallucinogens, opioids, and amphetamine). Then, choose a specific population of your interest (e.g., immigrants, African American youth). Determine your topic about the substance-related disorder and the population of your choice (e.g., Cannabis use disorder among immigrants, Alcohol use disorder among African American youth)

Find and read peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters written on the disorder of your choice. Internet sources or popular media sources are not allowed.
(Parts B – D)

Discuss causes, prevalence, unique facts, challenges, and considerations of your selected population in relation to the substance-related disorder selected. Discuss potential influence of immediate (e.g., family, local community) & distal (e.g., society, culture) contexts to consider: 2-3 pages
Describe in detail the treatment approaches & success rates for the substance related disorder: 2-3 pages
Discuss how you might create a program/campaign to bring awareness of the substance use disorder in the specific population. In addition, suppose that you provide treatment for a patient of your population of choice in (A) and discuss how you might be able to provide an effective treatment: 3-4 pages
Note: You MUST use APA writing format, 12-point Time New Roman font, 1-inch margins, and double space.  Your final paper must include a cover page and a complete reference section.

Must include abstract and Reference page