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This assignment provides the student with an opportunity to present two opposing viewpoints of a social problem or social policy. The student may utilize the database Opposing Viewpoints, to analyze the pros and cons of a social policy, social problem issue, which has been articulated in the Grand Challenges Initiative. Once the student has chosen a social policy and social problem, they must research two social work and/or social science scholarly sources that supports a pro position, and two social work and/or social science scholarly sources that supports a con position. Based upon the presented discussion, the student must show why they have chosen a position and at least documented reasons for best practices. This paper should be at least 8 pages. Please proofread more than once. The analysis must be double space and typed; include a cover page. Use block-quotes when necessary. You must use APA both within-text citations and reference cited page. The reader should be able to discern your editorial comments and researched info.

After you have completed your assigned readings and the questionnaires, respond to all of the discussion board questions. Take into consideration the requirements as you create your response.
Discussion Prompt
There are several non-graded questionnaires for you to complete in this module. After you have finished them, consider what you have learned about yourself and your readiness to undertake the work of helping people cope with loss.

Consider the following questions:

What do you anticipate being most stressful to you in your role as a caregiver? What will be your biggest challenges?
What steps might you need to take in your own life in order to be helpful for clients while protecting yourself from burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue? Share as much of your insights as you feel comfortable.

Access the Quiz 7 attachment and answer each of the four questions. This is an open book quiz.  The answer to each question must be 100-125 words.  Complete by the end of Topic 7.

Essentials of Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach
Read Chapters 14-15 in Essentials of Sociology.
James Hensilin 12th edition

Social Psychologist Jonathan Haidts Three Great Untruths are examined: 1) life is a battle between good people and evil people, 2) what doesn’t kill you makes you weaker, and 3) always trust your feelings. Civic engagement is the antidote to the divisiveness and self-centeredness that belief in these untruths fosters.

In June 2019, the Gallup polling organization reported that 23% of Americans viewed immigration as the most important political issue facing the United States. Although we frequently hear American society described as a nation of immigrants, concerns over immigration is not a new topic. In 1896 Senator Henry Cabot Lodge delivered a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate, titled, The Restriction of Immigration. For this assignment, write a paper of no less than 600 words analyzing and critiquing three arguments presented by Senator Lodge. In your role as an engaged citizen, how would you respond to the views expressed by Lodge? Use specific ideas from the assigned readings in weeks one and two to support your argument.

Week 1 assigned readings:

Week 2 assigned readings:

*Choose from one of the two questions to write about*

1.Apply the three major sociological perspectives to the experiences of Native Americans. Choose one theory to discuss, which in your opinion provides a coherent explanation of Native American issues. Explain why you believe that this theory is relevant.

2.Find a cartoon that addresses Native American issues. Explain how the cartoon relates to an issue that is addressed in the chapter and indicates which concept or theory discussed in the chapter applies. You must attach the cartoon so that the class can review it.

Answer the following question from the textbook Introduction to Sociology
Author: Laurence Basirico
Below is the attachment. You MUST answer all question.
1. ______________ is defined as the study of human society and social life and the social causes and consequences of human behavior.
2. The ability to see how history and biography-together- influence our lives is known as _______________ ___________.
3. ___________________ is a level of sociological analysis concerned with large-scale structures and processes, such as war and unemployment.
4. Microsociology is defined as the level of sociological analysis concerned with small-scale units such as individuals in a small group or social interactions. True or false?
5. _________ __________ is defined as a science that has human behavior, social organizations, or society as its subject matter.
6. Commerce is the study of how goods, services, and wealth are produced, consumed, and distributed. True or false?
7. __________ ____________ is the study of power, government, and political processes.
8. Psychology is the study of human mental processes and individual human behavior. True or false?
9. _________ __________ is defined as the field in which the principles of the social sciences are applied to actual social problems.
10. Who is credited with coining the term sociology? ___________________ .
11. Karl Marx is the person who coined the phrase survival of the fittest. True or false?
12. Karl Marxs view that social conflict-class struggle due to economic inequality-is at the core of society and the key source of social change is described as ___________ ____________ .
13. ________ ______________ is awareness among members of a society that the society is stratified.
14. ____________ ______________ is defined as a collective psyche that results from the blending of many individuals mentalities, but exist above any one individual.
15. Who developed the concept of Verstehen? _____________________ .
16. Jane Addams is credited with opening the first ______________ _________ in America.
17. Theories are explanations offered to account for a set of phenomena. True or false?
18. A social theory that views conflict as inevitable and natural and as a significant cause of social change is ___________ ____________ .
19. ____________ ______________ _________ is defined as the social theory stressing interactions between people and the social processes that occur within the individual that are made possible by language and internalized meaning.
20. Exchange theory has a diverse intellectual heritage with sources in economics, anthropology, and psychology, as well as sociology. True or false?
21. _____________ _____________ is a theory of social development that suggests that societies, like biological organisms, progress through stages of increasing complexity.
22. List three sources of knowledge: _______________ , _________________ , _______________ .
23. A _____________ is an abstract system of meaning that enables us to perceive a phenomenon in a certain way.
24. When concepts have two or more degrees or values, they are referred to as ________________ .
25. A set of logically and systematically interrelated propositions that explain a particular process or phenomenon is defined as a ______________.
26. A _____________ is a statement about the relationship between variables that can be put to an empirical test.
27. The procedure used most frequently to obtain information about the social world is __________ ____________  .
28. Unreliability is the extent to which repeated observations of the same phenomenon yield similar results. True or false?
29. Research that attempts to answer the question what by explaining a new social phenomenon is _____________ _____________ .
30. Perhaps the most important skill you need to have is the ability to communicate well. True or false?
31. To a sociologist, culture is a system of ideas, values, beliefs, knowledge, norms, customs, and technology shared by almost everyone in a particular society. True or false?
32. A group of interacting people who live in a specific geographical area, who are organized in a cooperative manner, and who share a common culture is defined as a ______________.
33. What is the last name of the person that defined the term ethnocentrism? _____________ .
34. The most important set of symbols is ____________ .
35. _________ are ideas shared by the people in society regarding what is important, and worthwhile.
36. Mores are not considered more important than folkways, and reactions to their violations are less serious. True or false?
37. Physical products or objects created through human actions are _____________ .
38. __________ _______ is defined as the tendency for non-material culture to lag behind material culture.
39. ________________ defines a group of people who share in the main culture of a society but also have their own distinctive values, norms, and lifestyles.
40. The culture of the working class or ethnic groups are defined as ________ _________ .

The feminist theory seeks to understand and ultimately reduce inequality between men and women.

How does the feminist theory play a role in the sociological perspective? What are the key features of the feminist theory as it is applied to sociology? What type of contributions did the feminist theory impact on the social sciences?

Upload your assignment as a Word document, 1000 words, APA format.