First, do you think early intervention, as expressed by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), is consistent with the philosophy of the Social Model of Disability? State your position and why. Second, if you had the opportunity to re-write IDEA, what would you change or improve? Finally, what do you think the role of social work is or should be in early intervention?

In this forum, we will explore and discuss the topics relating to Natural Style and First Impressions. After reading the relevant materials, discuss the following question:

Discuss the literature regarding first impressions. How does an individuals natural style affect the initial interview session? Suggest ways of enhancing your personal natural style.

Choose ONE question to talk about.

1.What current day dominant and minority response patterns occurred during the colonial period?

2.What aspects of the Irish, Dutch or German experience can be applied to current immigrant groups? Select one of these groups and compare them to a specific group today (your choice).

3.Why didn’t all immigrants desire to become fully participating citizens in the country to which they moved? In your opinion, does this still apply today?

4.How did immigrants who were seeking religious freedom come to the New World with their own stereotyped beliefs, and how did this impact their relationship with other immigrants?

Reflective Essay

Complete a reflective essay

Data analysis in sociological research aims to identify meaningful sociological patterns. Analysis of data is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of highlighting useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision making. Complete a reflective essay on the topic of data analysis and sociology and the long-term effectiveness of exploring the relationship between the two. 1 page – APA format.

There are considerable issues with the current public school system, and home schooling has become more popular. Clearly, there are advantages and disadvantages to home schooling.  After considering both, would you want your child to be home-schooled?  Why or why not? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

By learning more about the complex interactions that contribute to problems or issues in society, you can better understand your role in creating positive social change. For this assignment, you will explore and research a complex social problem using your sociological imagination.
To prepare for this Final Essay:
    Consider the ways that social institutions contribute to the formation of societys values. For example, how is the social institution that you selected portrayed in the media? What current problems or issues is the institution facing?
    Create a list of the possible social problems that you could explore in your final essay. You might want to do some brainstorming on the topic by listing the institution and the number of ways that it contributes to the transmission of societys values. Describe both your selected institution and the social problem that you would like to address.
    Use the feedback that you received on your Rough Draft Essay Worksheet to inform your construction of this Final Essay.
Feedback: Great job providing an overview of key Sociological perspectives (Conflict Theory, Functionalism and Symbolic Interactionism). Good work identifying Economics as a social institution. To strengthen future writing assignments, please balance out paragraph lengths for more even coverage of key issues. Also for future essays, please note that each in-text citation must have a corresponding source in the Reference list.
The Assignment:
Compose a 3- to 5-page essay in which you:
    Describe the theoretical perspective (functionalist, conflict, or interactionist) to which you relate the most and why.
    Briefly describe how the social institution (e.g., family, religion, education, or government) you selected in the Rough Draft Essay Worksheet Assignment and briefly describe how this social institution contributes to the transmission of societys values.
    Identify and state a problem or issue related to that social institution, and use at least one theoretical perspective to describe the social problem.
    Conduct research to learn more about the problem. Use the information that you find to create evidence to explore the social institution and social problem in the context of a changing society.
    Describe at least one recommendation that you would make to the social institution to encourage positive social change. How could the social problem be better addressed?
Refer to at least two specific examples from the Interactive Units or Required Resources. Be sure to use evidence to support your claims by citing your source. An example of an acceptable citation: According to the Culture Module of Interactive Unit 2. Please include an APA Style cover page and reference page (these do not count toward the length requirement).

Objective: Discuss present-day environmental problems and identify their roots in Chinas environmental history.

By Friday of each week, find a news article about a present-day (post-2016) environmental issue in China that is related to the topic of the lectures, films, and required readings for that week. Write a short paragraph (150-300 words) explaining how the article is connected to that weeks theme. To receive full points, you must post your current events report (including a link to the news article you selected) on the Canvas discussion board by Friday at 11:59pm

Lecture related link:

Given that we are bound to our homes for a while, we can use this time to do something we may not be able to do otherwise. I would like to ask you to interview your parent(s)–if you’re in quarantine with them), or your grandparent(s), a friend, or a partner about something related to them you would like to know more about (for example, I could ask my aunt about his travels to faraway places when she was younger). This can be face to face (while physically distancing/masking, please), or via Zoom, FaceTime, or a phone call. It’s up to you.

The topic of the interview can be about their careers (say…a doctor, engineer, or an electrician), travels, culinary skills, stories about migration, hardships, and successes….This about this person’s lived experience, from witnessing events that shaped their lives that YOU (as the researcher) would like to know more about (it can be something that seems to be mundane, like asking someone about their transformation upon becoming a parent, for example). 

The interview can be in any form, but not a transcript. It will need to be done in a narrative form, describing the person youre interviewing and why. Think of reasons why a reader would be interested in the interview. In a way, imagine yourself to be a journalist interviewing someone who is of interest to you. Provide a relevant description of the person, and a narrative that includes your exchange (Q&A) as part of the narrative.  Please remember this is NOT a journalism course, so think of this assignment as one that allows you to take the drivers seat as you try to extract information relevant to your questioning of this person. Interviewing is not only conducted by journalists, and is a very important research tool across disciplines.

Please be respectful of your “human subject.” Interviewing is a skill that you learn better with experience. You have read a great deal on interviewing and can tell what are “good” interviewing techniques vs. the bad ones, so I’m leaving the structure of the interview entirely up to you. Ask at least 5 substantive questions (you may add clarifying questions).

Read this article

This is one example of a local policy that has been implemented to respond to the opioid crisis.

Search the internet for 2 more policies that deal with Narcan/opioid overdose responses.

Search the internet for negative responses to Narcan/opioid dependence programs/ideas (these could be protests against clinic openings, “not in my backyard” arguments)

For the policies that you found write a brief reaction paper (1.5-2 pages) discussing:

Are these good ideas? Why/why not?

What is the population that the policy is designed to help?

Is any data presented that backs up the need for the program (what is it)?

Is it important that this population is helped?

Should Narcan be freely available? Why/why not?

For the negative responses: is any data presented that backs up the negative complaints?

Do the naysayers have a point/solid argument why these programs should not be allowed?

What is their argument?

OPINION: What do you think about the policies that you found?

Include a reference list with links to the news articles that you found.

Review Topic 3

Topic 3: The Social Institutions and Health: Religion and Spirituality
Religious participation is increasingly associated with numerous health and well-being outcomes. Discuss the links between religious beliefs and physical health and/or mental health outcomes. In your answer you must refer to the readings listed below:
Required readings:
      Koenig, H.G., 2012. Religion, spirituality, and health: The research and clinical implications. International Scholarly Research Notices, 2012.
      Houston, M., 2019. The complex relationship between religion and mental health,
The Irish Times  (issue 12 Aug, 2019). Available at:

Academic writing style. Citations: harvard style. 1000 words only, the reminder of 100  words can be put towards references list at the end, and as for the left over words of the 100  you can just leave it. As long as the assignment is 1000words I’ll be happy out.