15 pages of content.  Ensure it is written in APA format 1 margins all around and 12 Times New Roman font.  Credit must be given to your sources throughout the paper and listed on the reference page.  If it is not your original thought cite, it

Here are the topics for Law Enforcement:
-Intro to Law Enforcement
-Community Oriented Policing
-Criminal Investigations

*evaluate the subject matter of the paper topic and determine how you can add a research component. 

The written case assignment is to be prepared on an individual basis. It is expected that the content of your written case will reflect your thoughts and analysis rather than the work of others.

Suggestions regarding the preparation of written case assignments are discussed in A Guide to Case Analysis posted in the Student Center at www.mhhe.com/thompson.  The criteria for grading written case presentations include:

1.Identification of key problems/strategic issues.
2.Use of appropriate analytical tools techniques, including the use of charts and tables where appropriate. You are expected to demonstrate that you can use the tools and techniques of strategic analysis presented in the chapters. Both breadth and depth of analysis will be evaluated.
3.Presenting realistic, workable, well-supported recommendations for action.
4.Use of good communication skillsfailure to use good grammar, spelling, and other written communication skills will result in a full one-letter grade reduction.
5.Evidence of adequate preparation, pride of workmanship, and display of professional attitude and approach.

I want to elaborate on the financial analysis I am expecting in your papers. This must get done.

1) Identify all sources of revenue example Iidentify all revenue segments ( Revenue and profit are not the same)

2) Identify which segment has the greatest growth vs prior year and prior 5 years

3) Identify why is the segment growing or not growing

4) Identify the most profitable segment vs prior year and 5 years prior

5) Identify major expense compare to prior year ( Are these expense growth reasonable? Why?

6)  Vertical Analysis for the last three years on the Income Statement – Anything noticeable?

7 How does any latest balance sheet  change impact Company’s Strategy?

8 How is the company financed? Any major changes in Balance sheet if so where? How does this impact the company’s strategy?

9 Is the stock price rising?

10 Financial ratios that must accompany you paper- 5 years of data- Please observe the trends from these ratios

1) Current Ratio-

2) Quick Ratio

3) Average Collection period

4) Debt Ratio

5) Gross Profit margin

6) Net Profit Margin

7)Return on Assets

8 Return in Equity

Division chiefs, program managers, and other senior staff members working in CISO organizations frequently find themselves needing to stay current on technologies while, at the same time, leading and managing segments of the IT security program and assigned staff. Attending conferences is one way that these senior level personnel can learn about new technologies, tactics, techniques, and practices which can be adopted by an enterprise. Over the course of two or three days, a busy manager or executive can attend a large number of briefings while also developing business relationships by networking with others in the field.

Find an IT Security or Cybersecurity conference that will be offered in the next six months and research the types of presentations and workshops which will be offered. Research the costs associated with attendance (conference fees, meals, lodging, travel). The conference venue must be within the continental United States. The conference itself should be one that you are interested in and would attend if the funding were made available.

Write up a travel request which includes a summary of the conference, a justification which explains the benefits of attendance (many conferences will provide a template), and an estimate for the costs that includes the following categories: conference or workshop fees, meals, lodging, travel. Format your travel request as a 1 – 1/2 page business memorandum (no more than 7 paragraphs) addressed to the Padgett-Beale CISO.

Your travel request should include links (URLs) for the conference and venue (including the hotel where you would stay). If meals are included in the conference fee then you should state that and not include those meals in your estimate. Use this GSA website to obtain estimates for meals that are not included in the conference fees: https://www.gsa.gov/travel/plan-book/per-diem-rates

At least three sources need to be included as references in this memo.

The post should include the following headers:




Marx and Engels wrote their Communist Manifesto in late 1847 (published in February 1848). They were not only attempting to create a call to action for the working class, but also address the rising importance of the role of the people in the European state. The 19th century gave birth to the defining type of those states: the nation-state. Forging together the ideas of the state with the ideas of Nationalism, the nation-state defines the makeup of Europe to this day, and lead to both the triumph of liberal principles and the embracing of such principle by their conservative rivals.

The Revolutions of 1848 were the key hinge point for these ideas in the history of Europe. Though the first of these revolutions technically occurred in Naples (leading to limited constitutional reform), the major catalyst for this series of revolutions, not surprisingly, will be France. Soon revolutions occurred all across Europe, calling for constitutional reform and major political and social changes. However, despite this initial success, the revolutionaries were not united. Fear of radicals among moderates lead to the collapse of the revolutions and the reestablishment of the old order throughout much of Europe.

While the Revolutions of 1848, with the expectation of France, were largely a failure, in the ashes of the revolution rose a variation of the nationalist traditions that had been pushed forward by the middle-class liberals of Europe: Conservative Nationalism. While conservative nationalism did come from the major states which had pushed through constitutional reform in 1848, namely Prussia and Piedmont-Sardinia, the manner in which nationalism was forged in these countries followed a far different pattern imagined by the liberal revolutionaries of 1848.

Large, monarchical states, such as Prussia and Piedmont-Sardinia, used nationalism as a tool to create a unified nation-state. This is evident in Germany Unification in 1871 and Italian Unification in 1861. While liberal ideas of representation would eventually exist within these nation-states, including the formation of the Reichstag in the German empire, the nature of nationalism had changed considerably post 1870.

Nationalism will fundamentally alter the relationships between the people and the state. No longer are states simply governments that rule over the masses, but now the people have an active role in the identity of a state. Such a relationship leads to greater demands from these masses to take part in government, but will also fundamentally lead to nations and people defining themselves as different from others. This, of course, will be at the center of later racism and imperialism across the globe (more on that next week).

Write a three-part proposal document that provides the following information:

A one-sentence description of your subject and topic.
A tentative thesis statement that indicates your main claim, reasons for it, and its significance.
Submit two annotated references that
Cite each source according to your chosen citation style
Briefly summarize each source
Evaluate their credibility and usefulness
Describes their relevance to your topic/essay.
Annotations should be no more than three or four sentences total, including summary, evaluation, and relevance.

In this assignment, students draw upon content and knowledge gained through the course, to interpret real or fictional life experiences in sport, exercise, or health. Students have the choice to base this assignment on one of three options:


If choosing a personal experience, students may choose any personal experience that is related to sport or physical activity such that students are able to connect it to class content. If you are unsure then please check with the course director.

The assignment should be typed, double spaced, 4 pages in length (excluding title page and reference page(s), and use APA format (7th Edition).

The written assignment should consist of 3 key sections. Students should refer to the marking key on the next page to further comprehend how the assignment will be graded.

1.    Section 1 should offer a brief introduction and description of the experience, Section 1 should be no more than 1 page in length.
(Section 1 of the marking key).

2.    In Section 2 students should engage in an in-depth discussion of one of the sport, exercise, or health psychology concepts discussed in class (e.g., motivation, mental health, talent development) which is presented in the personal experience. Students should include specific examples from the experience, and relate these examples to theoretical and/or practical material discussed in class. This section should be approximately 3 pages in length, including no more than 1 page describing the course concept being discussed. Students should use the remaining space to describe how the concept is embedded in their own experience. (Section 2 of the marking key).

3.    In Section 3, students should offer brief comments outlining their personal insight. This section should be no more than a half page. (Section 3 of the marking key).
    For personal experience: Was your experience consistent with what you have learned in the course? Why or why not?

This assignment provides the student with an opportunity to present two opposing viewpoints of a social problem or social policy. The student may utilize the database Opposing Viewpoints, to analyze the pros and cons of a social policy, social problem issue, which has been articulated in the Grand Challenges Initiative. Once the student has chosen a social policy and social problem, they must research two social work and/or social science scholarly sources that supports a pro position, and two social work and/or social science scholarly sources that supports a con position. Based upon the presented discussion, the student must show why they have chosen a position and at least documented reasons for best practices. This paper should be at least 8 pages. Please proofread more than once. The analysis must be double space and typed; include a cover page. Use block-quotes when necessary. You must use APA both within-text citations and reference cited page. The reader should be able to discern your editorial comments and researched info.

Write a 5-page paper centering on the film, Devils Playground. To complete this assignment, you will need to summarize the film briefly. However, the main crux of the assignment is to focus on different cultural taxonomies identified in Chapter five. You will need to select and research cultural taxonomies you feel are present within the film. It is appropriate and encouraged to use outside materials to explore the concepts more completely; you are required to have a minimum of six sources. A Works Cited or Reference page must be turned in as part of the assignment.

Book assigned for the course: “Meditations on First Philosophy”, Descartes (Hackett)

To achieve clarity in writing, you must ask yourself three questions: (a) Are all of the terms (used by the author or myself) clear in their meaning? (b) Are all of the propositions (used by the author or myself) necessarily true or perhaps dubitable in some way? (c) Are all of the arguments (given by the author or myself) both valid and sound?3.  To achieve writing that is concise, you must constantly ask yourself: (a) Are some of my sentences repetitive? (b) Am I relying on quotes more than I am explaining, when possible, in my own words? (c) Does each sentence build upon those before it, and does my writing attempt to move efficiently towards a conclusion?a.  On citations: quote if necessary, but try to formulate ideas in your own words. If you are discussing an authors ideas, you should always cite the source of these ideas by giving page numbers or Bekker numbers (the citation format for Aristotles texts). The aim of these papers is to practice your writing and thinking, rather than your ability to quote and cite material correctly.b.  For citations: your preferred style (e.g., MLA or Chicago) is fine. The important point here is simply to be consistent and complete.