In this assignment, students draw upon content and knowledge gained through the course, to interpret real or fictional life experiences in sport, exercise, or health. Students have the choice to base this assignment on one of three options:


If choosing a personal experience, students may choose any personal experience that is related to sport or physical activity such that students are able to connect it to class content. If you are unsure then please check with the course director.

The assignment should be typed, double spaced, 4 pages in length (excluding title page and reference page(s), and use APA format (7th Edition).

The written assignment should consist of 3 key sections. Students should refer to the marking key on the next page to further comprehend how the assignment will be graded.

1.    Section 1 should offer a brief introduction and description of the experience, Section 1 should be no more than 1 page in length.
(Section 1 of the marking key).

2.    In Section 2 students should engage in an in-depth discussion of one of the sport, exercise, or health psychology concepts discussed in class (e.g., motivation, mental health, talent development) which is presented in the personal experience. Students should include specific examples from the experience, and relate these examples to theoretical and/or practical material discussed in class. This section should be approximately 3 pages in length, including no more than 1 page describing the course concept being discussed. Students should use the remaining space to describe how the concept is embedded in their own experience. (Section 2 of the marking key).

3.    In Section 3, students should offer brief comments outlining their personal insight. This section should be no more than a half page. (Section 3 of the marking key).
    For personal experience: Was your experience consistent with what you have learned in the course? Why or why not?