Please read the attached file for instructions. BOOK is attached for chapters 6 & 7


1. In chapters 6 & 7, Lareau shows that the children in the families being studied were also taught to use language differently. Differences in linguistic interactions in the families have an impact on preparation for future interactions and negotiations with adults. Using examples from the lives of the students discussed in
chapters 6-7, discuss the differences between families that use the concerted cultivation style of parenting and those that use accomplishment of natural growth.

2. On page 235, Lareau says, Many Americans believe that this country is fundamentally open. They assume the society is best understood as a collection of individuals. They believe that people who demonstrate hard work, effort, and talent are likely to achieve upward mobility. Put differently, many Americans believe in the American
Dream. In this view, children should have roughly equal life chances. The extent to which life chances vary can be  2 of 2 traced to differences in aspirations, talent, and hard work on the part of individuals. This perspective rejects the notion that parents social location systematically shapes childrens life experiences and outcomes. Instead, outcomes are seen as resting more in the hands of individuals. After reading this book, do you agree or disagree with this perspective of the American dream? Why or why not?

I uploaded what I have so far as a guideline of how it should generally be. The last section of the paper that needs to be complete pertains specifically to physical activity and how it can prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. This last section has to be 12 pages minimum. It also needs to contain two figures. One table and one chart are excellent as well long as it relates to the topic or used from the sources. The use of about 30 sources are needed minimally, I have 16 thus far. Also, these resources need to be from original scientific studies. Therefore no review articles are allowed. These 12 pages should logically flow. so sticking to a specific theme would be best. You can look at different studies pertain to ethnic groups or children as long as the overall paper focuses on just that. This flow could be done through the use of comparisons between materials or having reports answer questions that previous ones have posed.

Attached is the first half of my research paper that could be used as an outline.

Chapter 21: Environmental Laws and Exposure Analysis
Page 502; Please answer questions #1 and 6

1. Most of our exposure to pollutants occurs within indoor environments, such as homes, offices, and schools. Certain laws address some aspects of indoor air quality, yet no law provides comprehensive coverage.

a. Select a law, and discuss how it covers an aspect of indoor air quality.

b. Now discuss how the law does not cover indoor air exposures, even though it would seem within the scope of the law to do so.

c. Finally, for this law, suggest revisions to address exposure more effectively.

6. Most of the environmental laws are source oriented rather than receptor oriented in that they focus on emissions/effluents instead of exposures. Why do you think this is the case?

You are required to complete a project on ONE of the following topics:

    A client with a chronic illness such as Alzheimers disease or Parkinsons disease. OR
    An older person with depression or other mental health illness.

Your project should include the following aspects:

Introduction 8 marks
    Description of the illness and the prevalence of the illness in Ireland and worldwide.
    Compare the statistics of the illness in Ireland with another non-EU country, detailing the differences and how cultural and ethical issues impact the disease.

Main Body 20 marks
    The care needs of the client and the changes that needed to be made due to the diagnosis of the illness.
    Your role in the care of the client
    The role the care setting and the other members of the care team have in the clients overall care.
    Discuss 3 services that can improve the quality of care of the client for example: day centres, evening classes, social groups etc.

Conclusion 8 marks
    Planning for end of life care is an important part of the care of all clients discuss ways to approach the subject and how you can gather the information in a sensitive and caring manner.
    Detail 2 health promotion initiatives that you could implement with the client.

4 marks will be allocated for good referencing, formatting of project and overall layout.

Please follow the guidelines below when completing the project:
    Word count for the project 2500 to 3000 words.
    Research you need to conduct your own research in relation to the topic using appropriate external sources.
    The project should be typed and use headings as appropriate.
    If basing your project on a client you care for please ensure that you maintain confidentiality at all times.

Identify a research problem related to the medical humanities and locate an exhibit that reflects, engages with, or complicates the problem you have selected. Write a1500 3000 word essay that makes a strong claim and uses evidence from 510 authoritative sources to support your argument.The essay should demonstrate your familiarity with key interlocutors in the scholarly conversation(experts in their field) and make a clear intervention that brings us to a new understanding of your research problem. Remember to choose an issue that you are genuinely interested in talking about.

Done in a consistent format with no errors. Includes more than 4 major references

The introduction is engaging,
states the main topic and
previews the structure of the
paper. Clearly and concisely states the projects purpose in a single sentence, which is engaging, and thought provoking.

Each section or paragraph has thoughtful, supporting details that develop the main idea

demonstrates logical and subtle sequencing of ideas through well-developed paragraphs or slides; transitions are used to enhance organization

The conclusion is engaging and restates the thesis/purpose

No errors in punctuation, capitalization, and spelling, sentence structure, and word usage. Formatted correctly, easy to read

Write a 2-page essay on the life expectancy in Queens County.
One paragraph should succintly summarize the the article while the remaining parts of the essay should include your analysis and original thoughts about the topic.

Choose one of the following, research write and write a brief critical essay:

1. Evaluation of the evidence for the increased intake of n-3 fatty acids for improved cardiovascular health.
2. Appraisal of aetiology of alcoholic fatty liver disease (AFLD).
3. Appraisal of the metabolism of lipoproteins in human body.

To appraise the effect of metabolism of nutrients and non-nutrients in health and disease state, and to examine and evaluate the evidence on the causes, incidence, and prevalence of key nutrition-related illnesses using evidence base for nutrition and published research.

Research the following topic and write a brief critical essay:
Critical evaluation of the effect of consumption of various fractions of dietary fibre consumption on human health.

Assessment objective:

To appraise the effect of metabolism of nutrients and non-nutrients in health and disease state, and to examine and evaluate the evidence on the causes, incidence, and prevalence of key nutrition-related illnesses using evidence base for nutrition and published research.