Develop and write a grant proposal to a funder of your choice. The proposal should address a disadvantaged group in a particular setting and should have a human right and/or rule of law perspective. Should have at least 3 RESEARCH QUESTIONS The Final Paper, will be a grant proposal which should include the following nine sections: executive summary problem definition (PROVIDED) literature review (PROVIDED) proposed project design data collection and analysis plan activities dissemination plan competencies/capacity budget *All sections labeled “PROVIDED” does not have to be complete. It has already been completed and uploaded with proper edits. Please refer too in order to link the final paper together. Also include a project abstract that summarizes the proposed project in 230-250 words. The cover page, project abstract, table of contents, appendices, and references do not count toward the 10-page limit.

You are a marketing manager for an airline company (choose a name the company), that hired you 6 months ago. During your time, you have noticed that the airline has not been doing a good job marketing itself. Their reputation in the airline industry has suffered tremendously due to the following:
Mechanical errors that resulted in a plane crash 3 months ago (there was no loss of life)
Poor customer service
Numerous late departures and arrivals

Develop a marketing plan of how to turn around the reputation of the airline. Include the following:
Executive summary
Table of contents
Situation analysis (discuss the current situation)
Marketing Tactics (the strategies you as a marketing manager that you would employ to turn the situation around)
Discuss the risks to the company if immediate action is not taken.

APA format including work cited page
Subheadings for each section
Address all points above in detail
Sources supporting the strategies chosen (This can be examples of other companies that went through similar situations and how they overcame this challenge(s) by employing this strategy).
No more than 3 pages. (This does not include the title page and your reference page.)
Your point of view
Conclusion that summarizes the points made in the paper

Note: This assignment is not based on a real company. This is a fictious airline. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure you understand how to build a marketing plan.

Victoria Secret is currently struggling to stay afloat. As a result, they find themselves having to close a number of stores. The are struggling particularly with millennials.
Look at the company and discuss why they are not doing well.

Write a paper explaining the following:

Why are millennials not flocking to Victoria Secret?
What are Victoria Secrets’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunites and threats?
What is Victoria Secret not doing well causing them to have to close stores?
How could Victoria Secret take advantage of the situation causesd by COVID to market their products?
In your opinion is Victoria Secret a thing of the past or is it possible to revive their brand? Is so why? If not why?

APA format including work cited page
Subheadings for each section
Address all points above in detail
Sources supporting the strategies chosen (This can be examples of other companies that went through similar situations and how they overcame this challenge(s) by employing this strategy).
No more than 3 pages. (This does not include the title page and your reference page.)
Your point of view
Conclusion that summarizes the points made in the paper


After watching It Happened One Night, please watch another, relatively modern film, i.e. When Harry Met Sally. Then, compare/contrast how this genre has changed or remained the same.

In your analysis, compare the following basic tenets of the romantic comedy as you see it in BOTH It Happened One Night AND the modern film of your choice:

The basic plot where two people, usually a man and a woman, meet and then part ways due to an argument or other contrived obstacles.
Initially, these two people do not become romantically involved, because they believe that they do not
like each other, because one of them already has a partner, or social pressures.
Aggravation is not the opposite of love but actually quite closely related, and perhaps a necessary
precursor, to love.
Females are usually at least on par if not actually stronger-willed than the males. The head-to-head
battles are the key humor element of a screwball comedy.
Reverse class snobbery, to be poor is somehow to be more noble.
A very skillful blend of sophistication and slapstick. Although screwball characters move in an elegant
world, where even a simple bathroom appears to be the center of their universe, they may still whack
one another over the head, but while The Three Stooges use sledgehammers, screwball characters use
silver chafing dishes, and the likeweapons of the upper class.
A well written script, laced with barbed dialog. An overlapping style of delivery, with lines tossed off in
rapid fire.
An emphasis on elegant clothes, cars, and furniture.
The use of exotic locales.
The hero or the heroine living by his or her wits alone, though this is often balanced by a reliable
gainfully employed love interest.
The presence of leading actresses in the starring role.
Supporting casts of first-rate character actors playing eccentric types as well as a stable of familiar faces in leading roles.
Centered around romantic ideals such as “true love” and “finding the one”.
Again, please analyze each of the above bullet points for both “It Happened One Night” AND the modern romantic comedy of your choosing.

PSC 340 Spring 2021 Assignment #5
SARA Essay 15 Points – This assignment continues with Chapter 4 and the important topic of Problem Solving Policing.
Your  task will be to identify the  major crime listed on the top(there are only seven major crimes) of the attached Citywide Compstat Report which has the largest percentage% increase YTD 2021 compared to 2020.

After identifying the crime use the Problem Solving Policing method called SARA as described in Chapter 4 of our textbook to develop a plan to reduce the crime you have identified.

Your essay will be graded using the below rubric which describes a complete 15 Point  essay, if your assignment does not meet all of the requirements your grade will be reduced accordingly.

  Paragraph 1. Scan Correctly identified the  major crime and with the largest % increase and  then listed the number of actual crimes YTD 2021 and the % increase  from 2020
  Paragraph 2.  Analysis  This paragraph needs you to use your imagination to described the specific types of the problem crime and when and how the crimes are being committed,  in addition attempt to identify possible suspects. Example if your target crime is Burglary using your knowledge and imagination you would state that your burglaries involve overnight home burglaries in a residential area and go into detail of how the entries are being made.
  Paragraph 3. Response.-Described a response plan which included at least two steps to reduce the target crime and did not merely list the steps in the response plan but elaborated on them .
Paragraph 4.  Assessment Use your imagination again to determine if the plan was implemented properly and if the target crime was reduced. This assessment could be accomplished by reviewing crime reports and arrest records.

    Assignment 3
                                                    Organizational Change
Conduct a research and select one of the fortune 500 company and examine the organizational change initiative. Compose a PowerPoint presentation (10-12 slides) to evaluate the organizational change initiative considering the following:
Find an example of a company that has recently gone through a major change.
Why did the organization make the change, and what does it hope to achieve from it?
Recognize the problems inherent in managing change and the obstacles that must be
Describe the change process and understand the techniques that can be used to help an
organization achieve its desired future state.
Submit your answers as a single PowerPoint document to the Dropbox . You need to have at least three academic references and use APA style. Assignment 3 due on 03/21/21 before 11:59pm.

Cite from the Sources for the Cultures of the West reader any work of literature from chapters 19-23 and answer the below question in at least 150 words. Remember: proper syntax and two replies of the same length are required for full credit.

What role did religion play in the modern world leading up to the beginning of the Twentieth Century? Was it as relevant in pushing the narrative of Western Civilization as it was during the Renaissance and Enlightenment? Did it win or lose most of its ideological battles during this time? Why? How does your selected source show this?

I will send you chapter readings in Few hours…

And students post in few hours… you need to reply to 2 students..

For your discussion posting, you should prepare a PSA (public service announcement)-style report about the condition, symptoms, and diagnostic strategy (and other elements listed below) for the assignment.  Think of this as how to explain the condition (and all of the required details listed below) in a way that will help you and your classmates to remember the condition.  You can include characters, mnemonic, rhymes, catchy phrases, etc. You may need to research a little more about your condition using other resources (remember to avoid sites such as Wikipedia; also be sure to cite your resource using APA guidelines).  This activity is designed to help you to explore the factors that help differentiate conditions in a way that creates a memorable story or mental picture to aid in understanding.  You should discuss each of these in your story:

Etiology (cause)
Laboratory findings/Diagnostic criteria
Possible complications

By the end of the New Deal era, had the executive become more powerful than the judiciary, or vice versa? Did they remain the same? Why?

Your thesis statement is the answer to this question. Do not cite anything other than the book and the sources linked below. While you may cite any part of the book if you so choose, most of the information for this question comes from chapter 23. Do not write in the first person. This paper must have a thesis statement, footnotes, and a bibliography in this case, of the sources below. This writing assignment will be a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of four (4) pages, where the student will analyze evidence from the textbook and primary sources. See the rubric for how the paper will be graded, but bear in mind the final grade is determined by the instructor.

When forming your answer, think about the shift in the Court’s position throughout these three cases, and FDR’s position on what the Court should or should not do. What is happening to the Court’s view of the Constitution? How does FDR justify his actions? How does each branch conceive of the other’s role in government?

Read from pages 53 to 88 of the opinion (Links to an external site.) from United States v. Butler
Read from pages 25 to 61 of the opinion (Links to an external site.) from A. L. A. Schechter Poultry Corp. et al. v. United States
Read from pages 08 to 22 of the opinion (Links to an external site.) from West Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish
Read President Roosevelt’s March 09, 1937 fireside chat (Links to an external site.).