synthesis paper assignment instructions

In this class, students have been exposed to a myriad of criminal justice-related issues. This research paper assignment offers students the opportunity to propose practical solutions to recent and relevant policy issues in the area of either police, courts, or corrections. Students will analyze and synthesize how these solutions fit into the worldview of Liberty University, which seeks to train criminal justice leaders to influence criminal justice policy within a Christian worldview.
8 pages (double spaced) excluding the title page, abstract, and reference pages.
Current APA format.
8 peer-reviewed sources.
Acceptable sources (course textbooks, academic books, peer-reviewed journal articles published within the last 5-10 years only).

This assignment requires that students follow a template. Students must review and follow the template carefully. Students must include a running header, title page, abstract (between 120-250 words), proper APA headings/subheadings and a reference page.  Please note that students are asked not to omit any of the bold headings that are already clearly named in the template.  Students are only asked to add/rename the APA headings/subheadings to keep the paper organized, and to insert their written content into the appropriate sections of the template. 

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.

Homework 1
Please summarize, in your own words, the facts and the decision of the court in the case mentioned below:

romasanta v. mitton case, available on p. 212, Cheeseman, Contemporary Business Law, 8th ed.

Your homework should include, especially, the following:
      the nature of and the parties to the contract

      the facts that underlie the dispute

      a summary of the respective arguments of the Plaintiff and the Defendant

      the decision and reasoning of the Courts

Please, do not exceed half a page.

Choose one of the main traits associated with leaders identified in our readings and videos. Can this trait be developed, taught and improved or is it fixed and unchangeable? Explain. Identify two people, a widely known public person and a person you know personally, who both demonstrate this trait. How does it serve them in their leadership roles?

Darin is experiencing personal financial problems. The amount of income he receives from his corporation is barely sufficient to cover his living expenses, the payments due on his mortgage, various credit-card debts, and some loans that he took out to pay for his son’s college tuition. He would like to file for Chapter 7 liquidation just to be rid of the debts entirely, but he knows that he could probably pay them off over a four-year period if he really budgeted and used every cent available to pay his creditors. Darin decides to file for bankruptcy relief under Chapter 7. Are all of Darin’s debts dischargeable under Chapter 7, including the debts incurred for his son’s education? Given the fact that Darin could foreseeably pay off his debts over a four-year period, will the court allow Darin to obtain relief under Chapter 7? Why or why not?

Problem Oriented Policing and Community Oriented Policing

Over the last several decades, police agencies have been working to gain the respect and the cooperation of the communities they serve. There are two main strategies police use: Problem Oriented Policing and Community Oriented Policing.

Write an 8001,050-word essay, include the following:

Define community-oriented policing (COP).
Describe the pros and cons of COP.
Provide a minimum of two cited examples of COP.
Define problem-oriented policing (POP).
Describe the pros and cons of POP.
Provide a minimum of two cited examples of POP.
Identify some of the challenges that police departments may face when attempting to implement COP and POP.
In your opinion, which would be more cost effective and why?
Format your work consistent with APA guidelines and include a title and reference page. Cite a minimum of three reliable sources within the body of your paper using in-text citations where appropriate.

In this discussion, please share insights into the policy analysis process you undertook during this course. This is a personal reflection, so it is unnecessary to tie the work to credible sources, but both the initial and response posts should reflect the depth of discussion identified in the Faculty Expectations. The focus of this discussion is on the lessons learned.

In your initial post, respond to the following:

What parts of the policy analysis went well?
What parts of the policy analysis might you do differently when conducting a policy analysis in the future?
What do you believe is the takeaway of greatest value to you as a result of conducting this comprehensive policy analysis?

Hi, this work is for a presentation so do not need too many things, and please remember to separate each part. And the business centered around sponges.

You have decided to start a business together. You realize that you will need to obtain venture capital to ensure the success of your business venture. Put together a detailed proposal in the form of a presentation to me as the venture capital officer. Include in your proposal the following:

1) What kind of business structure you will form and why.

2) Provide me with the contractual agreements that you have in place for the business. If you’ve formed an LLC I would like to see your Operating Agreement and tell me why you chose that kind of entity. If you’ve formed a Partnership, tell me what kind of Partnership and why you chose that kind of entity.  I would like to see the Partnership Agreement. You are also free to form any other kind of business entity. Just let me know the reasoning behind your choice.

3) Tell me if your business is or is not going to be a Franchise, and demonstrate your understanding of a Franchise, Franchisor, and Franchisee in your presentation.

4) Tell me how you plan to protect the business and the members against Torts and Cybercrimes.

Please don’t copy any text from the Internet
thank you

At the top left of your assignment, please list your name and the date. Please use a 12-point font. Thereafter,
two- double spaces below, center and bold the title of your assignment (i.e. Annotated Bibliography). Include
five to eight sources for your annotated bibliography. At least four of your sources should be journal articles.