After watching It Happened One Night, please watch another, relatively modern film, i.e. When Harry Met Sally. Then, compare/contrast how this genre has changed or remained the same.

In your analysis, compare the following basic tenets of the romantic comedy as you see it in BOTH It Happened One Night AND the modern film of your choice:

The basic plot where two people, usually a man and a woman, meet and then part ways due to an argument or other contrived obstacles.
Initially, these two people do not become romantically involved, because they believe that they do not
like each other, because one of them already has a partner, or social pressures.
Aggravation is not the opposite of love but actually quite closely related, and perhaps a necessary
precursor, to love.
Females are usually at least on par if not actually stronger-willed than the males. The head-to-head
battles are the key humor element of a screwball comedy.
Reverse class snobbery, to be poor is somehow to be more noble.
A very skillful blend of sophistication and slapstick. Although screwball characters move in an elegant
world, where even a simple bathroom appears to be the center of their universe, they may still whack
one another over the head, but while The Three Stooges use sledgehammers, screwball characters use
silver chafing dishes, and the likeweapons of the upper class.
A well written script, laced with barbed dialog. An overlapping style of delivery, with lines tossed off in
rapid fire.
An emphasis on elegant clothes, cars, and furniture.
The use of exotic locales.
The hero or the heroine living by his or her wits alone, though this is often balanced by a reliable
gainfully employed love interest.
The presence of leading actresses in the starring role.
Supporting casts of first-rate character actors playing eccentric types as well as a stable of familiar faces in leading roles.
Centered around romantic ideals such as “true love” and “finding the one”.
Again, please analyze each of the above bullet points for both “It Happened One Night” AND the modern romantic comedy of your choosing.