You are requested to provide a discussion about the role of Laser in operative dentistry.

The assignment should cover the following points:

– What is Laser?

– What are the different types of Laser?

– Interaction of Laser with the tissues

– Types of Laser used in Operative Dentistry.

– Applications of Laser in Operative Dentistry

– The content should be well organized and written properly.

– References should be written at the end of the assignment in Vancouver style.

– The word limit is 1000-1500

– References should be written at the end of the assignment in Vancouver style.

– Submissions should be in PDF format only.

– plagiarism should not exceed 25%

– Include labeled diagrams, figures and tables whenever possible

Why we need to take sides: This is what i have so far, try and make it like this sort of, and remember its an argumentitve

The Importance of Taking Sides
Elie Wiesel once said, We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. This quote is still true today. There are many situations where you are faced with a choice, and becoming neutral, or to not choose one, helps the attacker more than the victim. While staying out of things may be better at your current time and place, choosing sides is key to survival.

    explain the range of internal and external customers and stakeholders, that people professionals work with, and the part that influencing plays within the relationships (2.1)

    explain what is meant by creating value as a people professional, and identify benefits of providing value to customers and stakeholders (2.2)

    drawing on good practice examples, explain how the work that people professionals perform benefits others within an organisation in supporting good practice, open cultures, commitment and engagement. (2.4)

    explain how social media can be used internally and externally in workplaces to improve communication and organisational practices, highlighting the risks in a work context. (2.3)

    outline how you can, in your own work or a voluntary role, achieve and maintain a customer focused attitude to ensure consistent high standards and customer satisfaction. (2.5)

Thesis Examples ( DO NOT USE PLEASE BECAUSE IT’LL BE COPYING) this is just an example to start with. please if you can talk about the intricate analytical depth capability the protagonist has that would be great!

Although the character has an analytical ability to assess individuals and situations which renders him cautious, this gift is more disadvantageous since it results in him being an unreliable, paradoxical figure given over to inertia.(qualifier)

The under ground man’s analytical capabilities  is mere hyperconsciousness that results in him being an unreliable, paradoxical figure given over to inertia.(other points social awkwardness)(challenge)

Hi! I need an essay about Hamlet’s seven soliloquies. About how do they reveal/show his character. I have attached my notes and the rubric in PDFs. The notes should be very helpful so please look at them. Look thoroughly at the rubric before writing the essay.  Also, remember to cite as noted: O, my offense is rank, it smells to heaven;/ It hath the primal eldest curse upon t” (Hamlet III.iii). Use slash marks to signify the end of a line, and use roman numerals for the parentheses. Capital numerals for acts and lowercase for scenes.
Please, please, I need a very good essay, do your best! This is crucial for my grade. Thank you!

Give reasons on why we shouldn’t have social media.States a clear, supportable claim; States an alternate or opposing claim. States reasons that support and enhance the claim; Refers to and supports all reasons throughout the argument.
Includes convincing, relevant, and specic facts and details from the text that support the claim and reasons stated; Reader understands how the evidence supports the reason and claim; Citation of evidence and/or use of in text citations is accurate and appropriate.
Provides explanations into how the evidence supports the claim and reason; Shows a clear understanding of the topic.
Introduces the topic or text clearly; Groups related ideas supporting the writers argument; Provides a conclusion that supports the claim; Includes transitions to clarify relationships between ideas.
The style of the writing is appropriate to task, purpose, and audience with minor inconsistencies.Expands, combines, and reduces sentences; Uses grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specic vocabulary with minor or no inaccuracies
Demonstrates command of the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling; Few or no errors in conventions

Literary Devices Choose one or two of the literary devices we have been focusing on (repetition, imagery, symbol, or irony) and explain how the author, Tim O’Brien, uses the technique(s) to show the impacts of war (essential question #1). You will first need to answer the question: What are the impacts of war? Once you have answered that, choose one or two of the devices that you think O’Brien uses in his novel to show that impact. Find several examples of the technique(s) and use them as the evidence in your body paragraphs. Explain how these techniques achieve O’Brien’s purpose.

How does General Sam Houston use the attribute develops (or not develop) his soldiers during these events of the Battle of San Jacinto?
1. march 11- Sam Houston takes command of the Texan Army at Gonzales. how does he develop or doesn’t during the training and modernizing Texan army

2. march 29- the city of San Felipe is burnt to prevent supply/use by the Mexican army. How does he develop or not his subordinate Mosley baker to be trained enough of the incoming amy

3. April 12- Houston has a war council. has a new tactic, giving subordinates a voice in the battle went against their vote anyway, and decided to attack. how did he develop or not 

Write or present a convincing argument with supporting textual evidence from the texts in the course, as well as others of your own choosing, as to why Shakespeare still matters or does not matter. Explain whether his writing reflects the human condition or not. Is Shakespearean literature still relatable today? Explain with reasons and textual evidence.

If writing: In an essay, convince your audience as to why Shakespeare still matters or does not matter. Does his writing reflect the human condition today? Explain your ideas clearly with two to three reasons why Shakespeare still is or is not important today.

Please have a work cited page at the end

Social Promotion is the act of  promoting a child to the next grade level despite the lack of skill mastery. Proponents of social promotion believe that it is beneficial and promotes self-esteem.  Opponents of social promotion believe that without the necessary skills, students will continue to be unsuccessful. Write an persuasive essay stating your opinion on this issue.  Support your opinion with convincing reasons.