Because of safety concerns, many states have increased the age at which teens can begin to drive. Your state legislature is considering raising the minimum driving age from 16 to 18. Do you think the minimum driving age should be raised? Take a position on this issue. Support your response with reasons and specific examples.

Use the 5 senses, developing vocabulary with precision and detail, a character to make a descriptive writing GCSE English Language coursework, PLEASE do not make it narrative, and describe a scene as if you’re a fly on the wall, it must be in 3rd person and describes everything using imagery and good English, this is my 3rd attempt on this website to write this one essay.

Over the course of Fahrenheit 451, you have observed how Montag is transformed from a willing participant in a fascist agenda into a revolutionary political agitator. Now you have the opportunity to write a character analysis which illustrates this transformation. You will write a character analysis to share your analysis of Montag’s development.
All support taken from Fahrenheit 451 should be cited within the text using MLA formatting. See the attached MLA-Quick and Easy Guide for assistance.
Your character analysis essay should include:
an introduction that
presents a reasonable claim, expressed in a clear thesis statement
names the author and genre of each text you have selected to support your claim
body paragraphs that
present a thorough analysis of your claim
contain textual evidence and details to support your claim
demonstrate a logical organization of ideas
a conclusion paragraph that
restates your thesis statement
effectively wraps up your essay
leaves your reader with a lasting impression, perhaps through an interesting final thought

You are to assume the role of a manager in the sport industry. You get to pick said role but must write-up 1-2 paragraphs explaining and justifying your choice. You then must come up with 5 separate risks and go through the risk assessment process with each of them. This includes:
– Developing a likelihood and impact matrix
– Assessing the likelihood and impact of each risk
– Determining your best strategy to cope with said risk (elimination, reduction, transfer, etc.)
– Creating policies and plans to carry out your risk coping strategy
– Summarizing your policies into one coherent plan
– Presenting this plan to your employees (your classmates).

You are to turn in a written report that includes your description and justification of your role (1 page max), you likelihood and impact matrix, a thorough description of each of your 5 risks, your assessment of each risk on your matrix, your strategies for coping with each risk, your policies to carry out the strategy for each risk, and your overall risk management plan.

How do these two disorders differ?
        How are they treated?
        What factors may play a role in susceptibility and recovery from each?

You are to use a minimum of four references but not more than eight.

Introductory Paragraph: Abstract
      Introduce the presentation of the topic.
      Very brief summary of the topic.
Thesis statement:
    Describe the specific issue that you are responding or reacting to;
    agree, disagree, connect with, evaluate etc. Organizing Ideas, Opinions,
    and Viewpoints:
Thesis statement forms the basis of the essay.
    Decide on a few key ideas that express your thesis statement. 
    Describe at least three of these key ideas.
    Develop your ideas in each paragraph by using examples, giving details,
        and using material from the presentation.
    Body of the Essay:
    Discuss the topic and your response/reaction to it referring to the
    presentation. If disputing the facts or the conclusions, give solid reasons
    to support your interpretation. Always be accurate with the titles and authors.
    If you use any quotes from the text book, you may use parenthetical citation.
    If you quote from another book, then a footnote is necessary.

Concluding Paragraph:
    Reiteration of your thesis statement.

Please use your own words. This is very important.

Please read chapters 4 and 5 I have attached, please. If you can’t please don’t take this assignment thank you.

First, please watch and read the links I have attached here. The link is about resources on what are Mind Maps: Break it down with Mind Maps  and How to Make Mind Maps

Next, generate and create a Mind Map of your own that depicts, shows, and explains the intersection and connections between verbal and nonverbal communication.

Your Mind Map should contain and explain the following information from Chapters 4 and 5 and how it connects/relates to itself:

The symbolic abilities of language: Language defines, evaluates, organizes, allows hypothetical thought and self-reflection

The four principles that guide our understanding of nonverbal communication, discussed in Chp. 5

The nine types of nonverbal communication, discussed in Chp. 5

Use a Mind Map style that makes sense to you. A Mind Map is not just a listing of terms and definitions. It is also an explanation of what the content means and how the content connects to itself.


1) Please watch the Ted Talk video below and then read the short article I have linked below from Scientific American magazine about political bias in the social sciences.

Why is it important to have a variety of political perspectives (liberal, conservative, etc.) represented in the social sciences?  Write a paragraph or more of your own critical reflections on this topic. Make use of the material on sources of bias and on principles for guiding belief and doubt.


2). First, view the video I have attached highlights of the famous debate regarding the existence of God between William Lane Craig (proponent) and Sean Carroll.  You will notice that the presentation contains some scientific details that you might not be able to follow, but don’t worry about that.  Just listen carefully to the two speakers and then comment on the argument in question, called the “Kalam Cosmological Argument.”

How would you respond to the claim “God exists”?  What do you think of Craig’s premises and Carroll’s criticism?  Be sure to also reply to another student, particularly if you disagree, and say why.


3) Please watch the video below and answer the questions with your own word.

What is the “blank slate” theory?  What is the political appeal of this theory?

What evidence does Pinker present for rejecting the Blank Slate theory?

Do you agree with what he says about parenting and the arts?  What are your reasons?


4). For this one, you can comment about evolution and creationism.  Try to relate your comments to one or more of the Criteria of Adequacy (particularly Conservatism, Simplicity, Explanatory Scope, Testability, and/or Fruitfulness) for comparing hypotheses.  Here is a link to a short video that you might find helpful (and fun).

The video link:


5) State one moral principle and then identify a counterexample that gives us reason to reject the principle.  Propose an alternative principle that you think is less vulnerable to counterexamples.  As an added challenge, explain how your alternative principle can be used in an argument (try composing an argument).

For example, the principle that “any action that is unnatural is morally wrong” has many obvious counterexamples:  wearing contact lenses, driving a car, and skydiving is all unnatural acts but is not morally wrong.  Perhaps a better alternative principle is “any action that hurts another person is morally wrong.”  But even this principle may need to be refined in order to avoid counterexamples (e.g., boxing, dentistry, and criticism can hurt but they are not morally wrong).  Refinement could be the principle that “any action that produces unwanted or unnecessary harm is morally wrong.”  Here is an argument that uses this principle:

1.  Any action that produces unwanted or unnecessary harm is morally wrong.

2.  Corporal discipline of children produces unnecessary harm (e.g., long-term psychological harm).

Therefore, the corporal discipline of children is morally wrong.

“Hence, it is necessary to start working on putting an end to racial profiling by constructing definitive solutions to this seemingly vague issue.” This is the thesis of my critique essay but you must make a thesis statement for the antithesis essay basically the opposite or a counterclaim.

For this essay you must:
*Must do an Antithesis version of this essay
*present at least two opposing claims to your thesis
*along with corresponding counterarguments for each
*page must 750 Words or more
*You may use sources, other than the one I provided

i have attached the study unit and assignment booklet fyi

Singapore, ranging from the FMCG, Services, Manufacturing or Retail industry) and you are responsible for the marketing communications of a product or service (select one of your choice).
The past year was particularly challenging for your company due to the global pandemic. Hence, the Marketing Director of your company has asked you to reassess the current publicity and promotional efforts of your product/service using social media.
You have been tasked to engage in strategic social media management. You may make relevant assumptions about the current situation of your company.
Upon providing a clear background of your selected product/service (5 marks), come up with a social media strategy by completing the following task.

i would like to me the M1 telco marketing guy

there are 3 telcos in Singapore Singtel Starhub and M1, Singtel has a fully digital plan,


But M1 does not have any, so for this assignment, I,m responsible for marketing communications with plan social media plan for M! to introduce a Fully digital plan? example choose plan on-line delivered to your doorstep, any issues chat on-line to resolve…