Which of the tales you viewed is the best out of the knight ,pardoner ,and the Franklin’s tale? Write one paragraph. Explain why the take you chose as the best is a good story. What elements of a good story does it have that the others do not?  (1 paragraph) don’t ask me if you can do it ,if you ain’t doing it free??

2.    Your first task will be to read the articles thoroughly, using active Reading Strategies and annotation methods.
3.    You will then prepare a brief SUMMARY & RESPONSE Paper:  This will be an INFORMAL writing assignment rather than a researched argument.  However, I still want you to adhere to a specific set of document design strategies for these papers.
4.    These papers must be double-spaced and in compliance with the document design guidelines handout.  They are to be a minimum of 500 words long.  The Title should read Summary Response One (and so on).  The word count should be TYPED in parentheses at the end of the paper.
5.    You should correctly identify the title and author(s) of the article in the first one or two sentences of your paper.
6.    The papers should consist of TWO PARAGRAPHS:
a.    The first paragraph should be a summary of the key ideas in the articles, which adheres to the summary guidelines (see Summary handout):
1)    Purpose: give a reader a short, but clear account of the readings main points. Audience: someone who hasnt read the text.
2)    A summary is completely in your wordsdont use the writers words. Explain the writers ideas but put them in your words.
3)    A summary contains none of your opinions about the source. It is only a re-telling of the article in your own words.
b.    The second paragraph should be your personal response to the article, an expression of your opinion about the ideas, controversies, and problems/solutions explored in the article.  This paragraph can take any form that you are comfortable with but must express some opinion relevant to the subject matter, including a personal connection or story.

For Essay 4 you will write an essay evaluating a particular topic (person, place, or thing). For your evaluation you will have to provide three (3) elements or criteria for evaluating your topic; in other words, three reasons why you like your topic or dislike it. In addition, you will need to provide two (2) outside sources to support your evaluation or judgment.


Write a brief 4-5 page (1,000-1,250 word) essay revising and expanding upon the response already written.

Your essay should be at least five paragraphs long, but may be longer. Your essay must have a thesis statement and must make a clear and specific argument in response to the question. Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence and provide some kind of evidence (contextual information, logical development of your ideas, quotes, or details from the text) that supports and develops your topic statement.

Recommended Outline:

Introduction (1 paragraph)
Introduce the subject of your essay and the reason you are writing. In other words, be sure to explain to your reader what the essay is about and why the question you are examining matters. Note: you should not include the actual question anywhere in your essay, but you should phrase it in your own words so that the reader has some sort of context for the conversation you are involved in.

Be sure to end your introduction with your thesis statement or main argument. Your thesis should tell your reader what your argument or claim is in one sentence.

Body (3-5 Paragraphs)

The body of your essay should more or less range from 3 to 5 paragraphs in length. Each paragraph must begin with a topic statement that is followed by relevant examples and quotes from the poetry that support and prove the topic statement. To figure out what your topic statements should be, go back to your thesis and ask yourself, what ideas do I need to explore or explain in order to prove my thesis statement? If you are writing about a particular poem, be sure that you explain both what it means, as well as how it achieves its meaning


Wrap up your essay by summarizing your arguments, re-capping how you’ve proven your thesis and why your argument matters.

This is the question I had to answer. Both “A New Song” and “Open Letter to the South” or written by Langston Hughes:

2. One of the central themes of A New Song is the relationship between race and class and the importance of the mutual struggle of black and white workers together. Look at the two poems: A New Song and Open Letter to the South. In what ways do these two poems address the relationship between race and class? Be sure to use specific examples from the texts as support.  Response should directly respond to the question, and offer an answer in the form of an argument that is supported with details and facts form the text or outside sources.

****I will attach the response that I have already written. I just need to improve and expand the paper to an 1100 word complete essay with conclusion and everything.****

Write a three-part proposal document that provides the following information:

A one-sentence description of your subject and topic.
A tentative thesis statement that indicates your main claim, reasons for it, and its significance.
Submit two annotated references that
Cite each source according to your chosen citation style
Briefly summarize each source
Evaluate their credibility and usefulness
Describes their relevance to your topic/essay.
Annotations should be no more than three or four sentences total, including summary, evaluation, and relevance.

Write a 5-page paper centering on the film, Devils Playground. To complete this assignment, you will need to summarize the film briefly. However, the main crux of the assignment is to focus on different cultural taxonomies identified in Chapter five. You will need to select and research cultural taxonomies you feel are present within the film. It is appropriate and encouraged to use outside materials to explore the concepts more completely; you are required to have a minimum of six sources. A Works Cited or Reference page must be turned in as part of the assignment.

Paper instructions
Choose your course & Major

Determine your interest
(stage 1): here you present information about your values, personality, interests and skills in one paragraph.

Discover your career
(Stage 2): here you will present the information you have collected about the career you are pursuing or your dream job in the second paragraph.
(i choose opening my own hair nail & make up salon)

Plan your career goals
(stage 3): here you will describe your career goal and its specific action steps to accomplish it. Making Good Decisions Think of one problem you are experiencing now or before and illustrate how you will solve it using the problem-solving process.

In your paragraph please include the following:
Identify the problem
Generate possible solutions
Evaluate possible solutions
Select and implement the best solution

Hint: a problem can be: time management, writing skill, Speaking (English), Math problem, examination problem, smoking, excessive sleeping, weight gain, etc.

Information Literacy Discuss some of the things we should consider when using material for academic purposes. Which of the Boolean operators you normally use for academic search? Why do you think plagiarism is a crime? And How can we avoid plagiarism.
(provide references for this third part)

Why we need to take sides: This is what i have so far, try and make it like this sort of, and remember its an argumentitve

The Importance of Taking Sides
Elie Wiesel once said, We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. This quote is still true today. There are many situations where you are faced with a choice, and becoming neutral, or to not choose one, helps the attacker more than the victim. While staying out of things may be better at your current time and place, choosing sides is key to survival.