2.    Your first task will be to read the articles thoroughly, using active Reading Strategies and annotation methods.
3.    You will then prepare a brief SUMMARY & RESPONSE Paper:  This will be an INFORMAL writing assignment rather than a researched argument.  However, I still want you to adhere to a specific set of document design strategies for these papers.
4.    These papers must be double-spaced and in compliance with the document design guidelines handout.  They are to be a minimum of 500 words long.  The Title should read Summary Response One (and so on).  The word count should be TYPED in parentheses at the end of the paper.
5.    You should correctly identify the title and author(s) of the article in the first one or two sentences of your paper.
6.    The papers should consist of TWO PARAGRAPHS:
a.    The first paragraph should be a summary of the key ideas in the articles, which adheres to the summary guidelines (see Summary handout):
1)    Purpose: give a reader a short, but clear account of the readings main points. Audience: someone who hasnt read the text.
2)    A summary is completely in your wordsdont use the writers words. Explain the writers ideas but put them in your words.
3)    A summary contains none of your opinions about the source. It is only a re-telling of the article in your own words.
b.    The second paragraph should be your personal response to the article, an expression of your opinion about the ideas, controversies, and problems/solutions explored in the article.  This paragraph can take any form that you are comfortable with but must express some opinion relevant to the subject matter, including a personal connection or story.