Go to https://www.usfa.fema.gov/current_events/081319.html (Links to an external site.).

Read the article:

Community paramedics helpful in treating home-bound patients.
Provide a one paragraph summary of the article. Then, provide sound fact based reasons why or why not this program would or would not work in your community.

Minimum of one page, APA style and 12 point font.

Spelling and grammar count.

You are to write a 2-4 page paper discussing planning and response for large scale events. You can draw from the Boston Marathon Bombing as well as planning done for other events such as the Super Bowl, NASCAR races, etc. Be sure to include any major events hosted in your own jurisdiction and how your agency handles management of these events and what contingency plans may be in place for specific incidents that may include mass fatalities.

Does your department require fire watch personnel on site for large events? If so, what is the policy and how is it implemented?

Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double space, APA Format for all citations in-text and Works Cited page, grammar, punctuation, spelling, all apply in the grading criteria…etc..

A central aspect of becoming a leader is knowing the similarities and differences between approaches, identifying the ones best suited to you, and knowing when to use which one. For this assignment, begin by choosing any three leadership styles/approaches from among all that were discussed:

B-M Grid
the Situational Approach
Path-Goal styles
Leader-Member Exchange approach
Servant leadership
Authentic leadership

1. Describe and define each of your three choices.
2. Compare and contrast your three choices both conceptually and in terms of their applications. How are they similar and how are they different? Feel free to use a table or graphic to illustrate your points.

Sorry for the detailed request, my class professor is very specific, kindly find the below.

Font: times news Roman, SIZE 12, apa referencing (at least 6)

To discuss in project;

1.Explore in in-depth the challenges of covid to HRM in the private sector at DHL express.
2.Using media sources (newspapers, videos) , provide a summary of UAE governments intervention/polices during covid 19, related to HRM(employees,work) based on publications.
3. Create a table detailing the article, name of author and date of publication to be done in the appendix. Make sure we have 6 references, 4 of which are peer reviewed articles. Including profile of HRM if found in any videos eg managers.
4. Discuss the challenges and opportunities of DHL in UAE.

Structure of report;

2.presentation and definition of topic and why we chose it
3.literature review
4.based on sources, provide summary of UAE government interventions and policies during covid related to HRM
5.presentation of company
6. Summary of interview (info can be found online of DHL HRM)
7. Critical analysis
8. Recommendations
9. Conclusions
10. References and appendix

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Essays: Choose any 2 essays must be  2 pages per essay

1-      What is human resource management? What competencies are necessary for HR managers to succeed in today’s business environment?

2-    Discuss the five basic functions of the management process: Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading, Controlling.  Explain some of the specific activities involved in each function. Which function is most closely associated with human resource management and discuss in most detail?

3-      Explain what workforce planning is and how it fits with the organization’s strategic planning?

4-      How can a firm protect itself from charges of discrimination in its interview process? What is the role of testers in employment discrimination?

5-      What are the four steps involved in the training process? After a training program has been established, how can managers make the training material more meaningful for employees?

Because of safety concerns, many states have increased the age at which teens can begin to drive. Your state legislature is considering raising the minimum driving age from 16 to 18. Do you think the minimum driving age should be raised? Take a position on this issue. Support your response with reasons and specific examples.

ou can find general instructions for the journals and a grading rubric in “Journals: description and instructions” on our Assignments page.

In this journal you should respond to: Lovesong and contemporary British Sculpture, as well as to the visual and performing arts you experience outside of class. You should apply some of the ideas and terminology introduced in the first few of our classes. You should also discuss one moment from a performance and one work of visual art in detail.

Use the 5 senses, developing vocabulary with precision and detail, a character to make a descriptive writing GCSE English Language coursework, PLEASE do not make it narrative, and describe a scene as if you’re a fly on the wall, it must be in 3rd person and describes everything using imagery and good English, this is my 3rd attempt on this website to write this one essay.

synthesis paper assignment instructions

In this class, students have been exposed to a myriad of criminal justice-related issues. This research paper assignment offers students the opportunity to propose practical solutions to recent and relevant policy issues in the area of either police, courts, or corrections. Students will analyze and synthesize how these solutions fit into the worldview of Liberty University, which seeks to train criminal justice leaders to influence criminal justice policy within a Christian worldview.
8 pages (double spaced) excluding the title page, abstract, and reference pages.
Current APA format.
8 peer-reviewed sources.
Acceptable sources (course textbooks, academic books, peer-reviewed journal articles published within the last 5-10 years only).

This assignment requires that students follow a template. Students must review and follow the template carefully. Students must include a running header, title page, abstract (between 120-250 words), proper APA headings/subheadings and a reference page.  Please note that students are asked not to omit any of the bold headings that are already clearly named in the template.  Students are only asked to add/rename the APA headings/subheadings to keep the paper organized, and to insert their written content into the appropriate sections of the template. 

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.

Developing Organizational Policies and Practices

Add a section to the paper you submitted in Module 1. The new section should address the following:

Identify and describe at least two competing needs impacting your selected healthcare issue/stressor.
Describe a relevant policy or practice in your organization that may influence your selected healthcare issue/stressor.
Critique the policy for ethical considerations, and explain the policys strengths and challenges in promoting ethics.
Recommend one or more policy or practice changes designed to balance the competing needs of resources, workers, and patients, while addressing any ethical shortcomings of the existing policies. Be specific and provide examples.
Cite evidence that informs the healthcare issue/stressor and/or the policies, and provide two scholarly resources in support of your policy or practice recommendations. the rubric is attached and please have 3 or more references