Which of the tales you viewed is the best out of the knight ,pardoner ,and the Franklin’s tale? Write one paragraph. Explain why the take you chose as the best is a good story. What elements of a good story does it have that the others do not?  (1 paragraph) don’t ask me if you can do it ,if you ain’t doing it free??

Develop and write a grant proposal to a funder of your choice. The proposal should address a disadvantaged group in a particular setting and should have a human right and/or rule of law perspective. Should have at least 3 RESEARCH QUESTIONS The Final Paper, will be a grant proposal which should include the following nine sections: executive summary problem definition (PROVIDED) literature review (PROVIDED) proposed project design data collection and analysis plan activities dissemination plan competencies/capacity budget *All sections labeled “PROVIDED” does not have to be complete. It has already been completed and uploaded with proper edits. Please refer too in order to link the final paper together. Also include a project abstract that summarizes the proposed project in 230-250 words. The cover page, project abstract, table of contents, appendices, and references do not count toward the 10-page limit.

Trend analysts Chris Sanderson and Martin Raymond from the London firm The Future Laboratory say the business of trend analysis is no fortune-telling business.

“We live in uncertain times, but one thing about the future is certain: the business of trend analysis is all about the research of data, its correct interpretation, and to some extent, about intuition.”

View this short video on trend research methodology:
Address what you believe contributes to feelings of consumer uncertainty. Discuss how fashion marketers strategize to overcome the challenges posed by uncertainty.

Be certain to discuss:

How customers have changed using customer segmentation criteriademographically, geographically, psychographically, and lifestyle and behaviorally.
The role of market research and marketing research as a strategy for meeting the challenge posed by uncertainty.

=>Link of the video https://vimeo.com/44315298

You are a marketing manager for an airline company (choose a name the company), that hired you 6 months ago. During your time, you have noticed that the airline has not been doing a good job marketing itself. Their reputation in the airline industry has suffered tremendously due to the following:
Mechanical errors that resulted in a plane crash 3 months ago (there was no loss of life)
Poor customer service
Numerous late departures and arrivals

Develop a marketing plan of how to turn around the reputation of the airline. Include the following:
Executive summary
Table of contents
Situation analysis (discuss the current situation)
Marketing Tactics (the strategies you as a marketing manager that you would employ to turn the situation around)
Discuss the risks to the company if immediate action is not taken.

APA format including work cited page
Subheadings for each section
Address all points above in detail
Sources supporting the strategies chosen (This can be examples of other companies that went through similar situations and how they overcame this challenge(s) by employing this strategy).
No more than 3 pages. (This does not include the title page and your reference page.)
Your point of view
Conclusion that summarizes the points made in the paper

Note: This assignment is not based on a real company. This is a fictious airline. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure you understand how to build a marketing plan.

Provide the following information for the second brand of your company:
12) What is the name of your brand?
13) What is the target market of your brand?
14) Explain the step-by-step process that you used to select your target market and include the GE Matrix that you created at the end of that process (for more information, review The step by step process for Targeting in BB > Content > Markstrat Material; 15 points)
15) Based on the Market Share data, who are the top three competitors of your brand? (Your top competitors are brands with the highest levels of market share in your target market; 3 points)
16) What are the Brand Awareness by Consumer Segment percentages of your brand and your top two competitors in your target market? (3 points)
17) What are the Brand Characteristics of your brand and your top two competitors? (3 points)
18) What percentage of your target market would choose Specialty Stores, Mass Merchandisers, and Online Stores to purchase a product in the Sonites Industry? (3 points)
19) What percentage of Specialty Stores, Mass Merchandisers, and Online Stores Carry your brand? (see Distribution Panel; 3 points)
20) How many units did you sell during the last period? What was the inventory at the end of that period (see Production Report)? What is Market size broken down by consumer segment (in thousands of units) estimations for next period (see Market Forecast)? (7 points)
21) What are the estimated Purchase Intentions by Consumer Segment percentages for your brand (see Consumer Survey & Panel; 5 points)?
22) Based on your answer to question 11, how many units should you manufacture in the current period? (8 points)

using http://markstrat7.stratxsimulations.com/
Industry name: Berlin
Team name: S
Pass: 6637

Victoria Secret is currently struggling to stay afloat. As a result, they find themselves having to close a number of stores. The are struggling particularly with millennials.
Look at the company and discuss why they are not doing well.

Write a paper explaining the following:

Why are millennials not flocking to Victoria Secret?
What are Victoria Secrets’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunites and threats?
What is Victoria Secret not doing well causing them to have to close stores?
How could Victoria Secret take advantage of the situation causesd by COVID to market their products?
In your opinion is Victoria Secret a thing of the past or is it possible to revive their brand? Is so why? If not why?

APA format including work cited page
Subheadings for each section
Address all points above in detail
Sources supporting the strategies chosen (This can be examples of other companies that went through similar situations and how they overcame this challenge(s) by employing this strategy).
No more than 3 pages. (This does not include the title page and your reference page.)
Your point of view
Conclusion that summarizes the points made in the paper

Respond to the following student responses provided based on the following Prompt 1  (Each Response should be 137 words)

Do you agree with Marx that the process of alienation occurs among workers?  Has digital technology exacerbated the process of alienation among some workers?  Think of specific examples.  Do you agree that individuals a species being?  What type of economic system would allow humans to best realize their species-being?
Student Response 1:
I do not feel this is a yes or no answer, it depends more on the context of how someone perceives it.  Regarding alienation of the worker from their product I do not feel that is entirely accurate, if so, no new products would ever be produced.  Man, daily strives to create new objects that are bigger and better products, or smaller and sleeker.  Case in point, the camcorder, when I was growing up most camcorders were the size of a briefcase held on someones shoulder, today for $1000, you anyone can own a camcorder small enough to fit in your hand.  Music is the same way, I have Bluetooth ear buds that I pop in when I go to the gym, (telling my age here) but I had a Walkman when I was younger with a wired cord for both a cassette player and for a simple radio.  So, in that aspect no I do not agree that Marx was correct, situationally maybe but not completely.  As for alienation of the worker from other workers yes, I believe that is correct.  I believe everyone has experienced this, working harder, being more productive than the next person to stand out for recognition and reward so not to blend in with the crowd.  This is a dual edge sword, when management views you as expendable they have a tendency of treating you as such, when you stand out and separate yourself from the pack not only do you receive recognition for your determination, but also soak up the spotlight when punitive actions are being handed down also.  Each economic system is slightly flawed, but I would suggest either Traditional or Market.  Traditional would be beneficial because it would require people to become self-sufficient and stop looking for handouts, geologically this would not be sufficient as obtaining foreign goods would take forever to get.  A market economy provides services and goods through supply and demand, self-explanatory.  Consequently, where both falls short is, there are many people in every country that rely heavily on command economics.  Welfare and unemployment are examples of this where people are heavily dependent on the government for their daily life.  Devils advocate side of this is, there are many people, who without a heavily structured and guiding invisible hand, would fall into anarchy.  So I honestly believe parts of all three are needed, or at bare minimum a hybrid that incorporates certain measures from all three and disregards the negatives, I dont think we will see an economic structure like that in this lifetime. 

Student Response 2
I can agree with Marx that the employee can become a commodity and can be the worst kind of commodities. Employees are seen as replaceable. Employees are not seen as a valuable commodity. Ive heard a saying that if you leave there are five more to replace you. This is detrimental to the employees mental health and loyalty to a business since they are so eagerly ready to replace them. With an employee unhappy to be working then the employee can distant themselves and feel alienated from the work. The employee is then disgruntled and can ruin the mind by constantly being so unhappy all the time. Technology has alienated human more than just in the workplace especially since the nation being under quarantine during the corona outbreak. We rely on technology for everything now. There is no human interaction. We can order food, groceries, clothing, and everything in between to have it delivered to our homes and never actually connect or have a conversation with another human being. I can agree that individuals can possess their species-being. If a person has located their passion in life and make a living doing that passion then the person has found their species-being. 

Assignment: Post-Disaster Recovery
what you learned about the complexity of working with clients in post-disaster recovery situations and some of the issues that they may experience as they move through the recovery process.  Consider the role of government agencies, environmental engineers, and non-government agencies in the resources and help that they may provide.  Use at least three professional or official agency sources to support your work.