Develop a presentation using your choice of presentation tool (for example, PowerPoint, Publisher, Prezi, or YouTube) advocating for your chosen population’s policy implementation or proposed intervention. Your presentation should be targeted to the lawmakers that would draft the policy that you have proposed. Include strategies that you would recommend from the statistics and data that you obtained that would persuade the public to vote to approve your policy or intervention. The presentation should be 3-5 minutes long and must include a voiceover. Your presentation can include a video, but this is not required.

Paper instructions:
Instructions:  Answer each of the following items based on the information presented in the textbook. (please see attachment). Questions should be included when answering the questions.

Responses should be complete with supporting information and documentation, a good understanding of material demonstrated, Extremely well organized and good
Grammar and punctuation

  Chapters 3 – 5

Instructions:  Answer each of the following items based on the information presented in the textbook.  Refer to the writing assignment rubric for specific grading criteria.

1. What do you think the differences might be between decisions made on the basis of empirical research and those made without access to research?

2. How might you decide whether to have knee surgery or physical therapy to recover from knee pain if you did not have access to empirical research?

3. Why does the reliability of research matter?

4. Why does the validity of research matter?

5. Why does the level of generalizability of research matter?

6. Social identity includes the ways that we bring the cultures from our group affiliations into our sense of self. How might this process be positive for individuals? How might it divide people in everyday interactions?

7. Describe how at least two different agents of socialization influenced your decision to attend college.

8. Think back on your experience with gender socialization. How did it affect how you learned your gender role?

This is is for the paper that you already have admitted. I need 2 pages Project proposal and 1 page outline.  Project Proposal Each student will submit a two to three page description of the chosen research topic/question, a research design that illustrates how you will conduct the research (steps in the process) and a preliminary bibliography of 5-7 sources in APA format. Each proposal must specify:
Research purpose/goals/questions/hypotheses
Research methods: data collection techniques and plans for data analysis
Preliminary bibliography
A preliminary thesis statement. Outline a comprehensive outline.
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Each group will discuss the following 5 concepts:  cost behavior, break-even analysis, margin of safety, cost measurement and theory of constraint.  Provide examples from one or more of the following sources: your Red Cross documents.  In your examples, please describe how these concepts are utilized and why they matters to the decision-makers of the organization. No ref page needed. Make the paper flow like a conversation.

Please answer each of the following questions in your discussion response. Your total response should be at least 250 words and should answer each of the following questions.
**Please use the two attachments I added for reference

Let’s Talk About Piaget and Vygotsky:
In addition to what you have already learned about Piaget, know that he is identified with having a guiding metaphor of human development with the child as an independent, curious scientist.

In addition to what you have learned about Vygotsky, know that he is identified with a guiding metaphor of the child as apprentice.
1) Do you find support for these differences? Or not?
2) How would you combine Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s theories to provide a more valid account of real-life development?
3) Provide an example of a child illustrating Piaget’s idea of a child as scientist OR Provide an example of a child illustrating Vygostky’s idea of a child as an apprentice.
4) Describe the situation and how one of the theories is being demonstrated.  (Examples can be something you’ve seen in the news, or your own children, or children you work with.)

COVID-19 was first reported from Wuhan, China, in December 2019 and has rapidly spread
to many countries and territories to become a global pandemic. The unabated and rapid
proliferation of real and fake news and information about the health epidemic was largely
facilitated by social media platforms.
a) Discuss how social media thrives as a cultural forum in the COVID-19 pandemic.
(40 marks)
b) Evaluate the extent to which you feel you have acted as a responsible participant of
the cultural forum in the crisis.
(40 marks)
Provide examples to illustrate and support your answer.
Language, organisation and APA citations/referencing
(20 marks)

As the student reads the book of Acts, he or she will fill out the provided template, giving each chapter of Acts an appropriate title, writing out a key verse from the chapter that supports the title, and identifying the three major events of the chapter. More detailed instructions are provided in the template.

Complete this assignment as you read the book of Acts during this term, and submit it in Module 8. For each chapter of Acts, provide a title followed by one significant verse from that chapter that supports the title, and then list the three most significant events or elements in each chapter. Be sure that the title for each chapter captures the primary events of the chapter.  Be clear and specific. The title will be created by putting each chapters content into a single sentence and then narrowing it to a title, such as Stephens Message before the Sanhedrin Leads to His Martyrdom for chapter 7 or The Jerusalem Council Concludes that Salvation is Apart from Circumcision and Moses Law for chapter 15. Following the title, write out one significant verse from that chapter that supports the title. Its not enough to give a verse reference; write out the entire verse, then give the reference in parentheses following the verse. Finally, list three most significant events or elements in each chapter. Avoid the temptation to copy the titles that you may find in your copy of the Bible.  Copying will be of no value to you in knowing more of the book of Acts, and will become evident to the teacher as these titles are usually consistent throughout Bible versions.  These titles will only come to you if you read the Scriptures for comprehension.

This assignment provides the opportunity for the student to complete an analysis of a concept found in the nurse practitioner role supported by a nursing theory using an identified process. The assignment fosters analytical thinking related to the selected concept as well as application within the profession.

Concept Analysis worksheet has been attached.

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