Which of the tales you viewed is the best out of the knight ,pardoner ,and the Franklin’s tale? Write one paragraph. Explain why the take you chose as the best is a good story. What elements of a good story does it have that the others do not?  (1 paragraph) don’t ask me if you can do it ,if you ain’t doing it free??

Trend analysts Chris Sanderson and Martin Raymond from the London firm The Future Laboratory say the business of trend analysis is no fortune-telling business.

“We live in uncertain times, but one thing about the future is certain: the business of trend analysis is all about the research of data, its correct interpretation, and to some extent, about intuition.”

View this short video on trend research methodology:
Address what you believe contributes to feelings of consumer uncertainty. Discuss how fashion marketers strategize to overcome the challenges posed by uncertainty.

Be certain to discuss:

How customers have changed using customer segmentation criteriademographically, geographically, psychographically, and lifestyle and behaviorally.
The role of market research and marketing research as a strategy for meeting the challenge posed by uncertainty.

=>Link of the video https://vimeo.com/44315298

Provide the following information for the second brand of your company:
12) What is the name of your brand?
13) What is the target market of your brand?
14) Explain the step-by-step process that you used to select your target market and include the GE Matrix that you created at the end of that process (for more information, review The step by step process for Targeting in BB > Content > Markstrat Material; 15 points)
15) Based on the Market Share data, who are the top three competitors of your brand? (Your top competitors are brands with the highest levels of market share in your target market; 3 points)
16) What are the Brand Awareness by Consumer Segment percentages of your brand and your top two competitors in your target market? (3 points)
17) What are the Brand Characteristics of your brand and your top two competitors? (3 points)
18) What percentage of your target market would choose Specialty Stores, Mass Merchandisers, and Online Stores to purchase a product in the Sonites Industry? (3 points)
19) What percentage of Specialty Stores, Mass Merchandisers, and Online Stores Carry your brand? (see Distribution Panel; 3 points)
20) How many units did you sell during the last period? What was the inventory at the end of that period (see Production Report)? What is Market size broken down by consumer segment (in thousands of units) estimations for next period (see Market Forecast)? (7 points)
21) What are the estimated Purchase Intentions by Consumer Segment percentages for your brand (see Consumer Survey & Panel; 5 points)?
22) Based on your answer to question 11, how many units should you manufacture in the current period? (8 points)

using http://markstrat7.stratxsimulations.com/
Industry name: Berlin
Team name: S
Pass: 6637

The Assignment:

Please demonstrate your knowledge of the influence of Orson Welles by citing an example of a trick shot from BOTH The Best Years of Our Lives AND a modern film.  Please also post a link from the modern film example to show your point.  In your analysis, tell me why you believe your examples qualify as a trick shot.

This assignment is not a lengthy writing exercise and should be easily done in a page.  Please save it as a PDF file.

This is due by the date indicated in the syllabus and Due Dates document.

There are plenty of really creative “trick” shots in modern movies that originated in how Orson Welles and Gregg Tolland thought movies should look like.  Think about City Lights, It Happened One Night or Casablanca.  They are shot very straightforwardly with the camera simply capturing the action.  Welles and Tolland changed all that by creating the idea of a showman director who will do tricks with the camera that create a whole different experience for the audience that they could never get, say, from watching a stage play.

A trick shot is NOT a pan or a tilt or wind blowing through somebodys hair.  Nor is it a stunt.  It is a shot unlike others because it uses highly creative visual imagination and great skill to accomplish.  A long, unbroken take can qualify as can the creative use of split screening, fast/slow motion, shooting through walls. Orson Welles created the whole trick shot showcase in Citizen Kane.

LinkLook at the shot above, from Citizen Kane, as the camera soars over the rooftop, through a sign, through glass and finally descending down into a close up.

LinkThe example above is the opening scene from Welles’ Touch of Evil. It’s a long, unbroken take.

LinkA more modern example that’s commonly seen is the Jaws dolly zoom. Spot it in the clip above.

LinkIn this clip above, we have all kinds of trick photography such as slow motion and fast motion, stylized costuming, stylized color correction, etc.  It is an artistic leap way beyond It Happened One Night and is a direct child of Welles’ concepts of what a movie could and should be.

The influence of Welles is all over film, it should not be hard to find some really fascinating examples! Try to have some fun with this one.


Find a modern film (anything from 2000 to present) that mimics the hallmarks of those made from roughly 1967 – 1975, during what is known as the New Hollywood Era.

Demonstrate your knowledge of the influence of the quintessential New Hollywood filmmakers (approximately 1967 1975) by comparing the hallmark styles and techniques of those pictures (use “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” or “The Graduate”) with a relatively modern (anything from 2000 to present) film.

Some of the things to look for would be:

Theme of rebellion
A hero fighting the system and losing
Story lines emphasizing the loss of innocence
Anti-Heroes that the audience is rooting for
The Establishment as the enemy
Downer endings
Popular music soundtracks
Often stylish, fast-cutting, consciously showy filmmaking
REMEMBER, you must compare your modern film of choice with EITHER “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” or “The Graduate.”

Your analysis should be at least 2 pages, double-spaced.

Then write a 2500-word (max.) essay based around a central topic/theme/issue from your chosen book. Your essay must be based around a strong thesis statement and in depth research (both verified/approved by an earlier assignment). Contextualise the subject matter in the global history of medicine. Link the book to broader course themes. Remember, you should express a clear opinion and create an organised, argumentative essay.

I have already completed the provisional thesis and approved the articles that need to be cited. See profs feedback.

Also I am only a B student so if it is too good, the prof will know. Thanks

Assignment Rules:
In no more than a page (which for me is 550 words), summarize the central claim of the reading and the key steps of the author’s argument to support this claim.

Be sure to discuss the methodology and sources that support this argument.

At the end, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the argument.

My instructions:
Please do not make it a long paragraph of random facts one after the other. Instead of stating facts from the article right after the other, state the main claim and explain how and why the author makes it the main claim. In a PEEL format (point, evidence explanation). The author’s main claim is this (make it very clear) and he does this by mentioning this, this and this. I do not want a re summarization / re phrasing of everything in the article with a lot of quoting, I must explain it in my own way. State main point/argument and how the author manages to address that.

Maybe each rule in separate short paragraphs.


THIS IS THE LINK TO THE ARTICLE: https://muse.jhu.edu/article/385958/pdf?casa_token=0lrm22M8kDYAAAAA:suqwZfmvKs2wwXnFUWef633_KZtCwjqjylbtiAZhTXgz1MrFy_3SYhpX6DwXbQ8IwCAE69Vej8I

For Essay 4 you will write an essay evaluating a particular topic (person, place, or thing). For your evaluation you will have to provide three (3) elements or criteria for evaluating your topic; in other words, three reasons why you like your topic or dislike it. In addition, you will need to provide two (2) outside sources to support your evaluation or judgment.

Diversity Article. Diversity Article. Research articles that shows an example of the importance of cultural diversity in the global workplace. You may wish to search www.findarticles.com for articles from HR sites such as workforce.com.

Format your paper consistent with the format and style guidelines for APA or MLA. Paper should be a minimum of 500 words or 2 pages, double-spaced. Use the questions as Level 1 Headings to organize your paper.