2. MLA Heading
3. Play format (dialogue, cues, setting descriptions)
Standards being assessed:
W.12.3.A: Engage and orient the reader by setting out a problem, situation, or observation and its significance, establishing one or multiple point(s) of view, and introducing a narrator and/or characters; create a smooth progression of experiences or events.
W.12.3.D: Use precise words and phrases, telling details, and sensory language to convey a vivid picture of the experiences, events, setting, and/or characters.
W.12.5: Develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach, focusing on addressing what is most significant for a specific purpose and audience.
L.12.1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking

I will be adding the instructions to the file it has to be a play not a story with characters

Journal Entry for Class 4 (300-500 words):

1.Ask someone who knows you well to evaluate your social style using the exercise from Class 3 to have them assess your assertiveness and emotional control levels. How did their evaluation compare with your self assessment? For example, did they place you in roughly the same quadrant, did they perceive a big difference in one or both of the factors, etc.? What is your takeaway from this?
2.After reading the article, Harnessing the Science of Persuasion, https://hbr.org/2001/10/harnessing-the-science-of-persuasion, choose two of the techniques and give a new example (not from the article) of each. These examples can be drawn from your personal experience or from business cases.

Write a three to four page paper comparing and contrasting two religions, one “Western” religion and one “Eastern” religion. Compare and contrast the following things:
Describe how each of the religions view the ultimate divine (God, etc.).
What is the “end goal” of each religion and how does one get there according to said religion.
What other similarities do you find between each of the two religions.

Essay I is due in Module 3 (Feb. 10). This assignment is worth a lot of points. I suggest you start thinking about which topic you want to write on. Note that you pick only one topic. You can write on a different topic, but please pass your idea by me first.

Essay Topics I

[1]      Carefully explain the ontological argument as formulated by Anselm. Kant objects to this argument, claiming that existence is not a predicate. Explain Kants objection. Do you think Kants objection undermines the ontological argument? (Your thesis statement should indicate whether you think Kants objection undermines Anselms argument and why you hold this position.)

[2]      Carefully explain the teleological argument for the existence of God. Hume raises a number of interesting objections to this argument. Do you think Humes objections undermine the teleological argument? (Your thesis statement should indicate whether you think Humes objection undermines Paleys argument and why you hold this position.)

[3]      Compare and contrast Plato and Gettier on the criterion of knowledge. Who do you think has the most convincing view? (Your thesis should indicate whether you think Gettiers objection undermines Platos theory of knowledge.)

[4]        Carefully evaluate Ungers claim that knowledge requires certainty. In science we say that a theory can be highly corroborated but can never be proven true. Does this lend support to Ungers position? Do you think Ungers argument undermines Descartes cogito? (Your thesis should indicate whether you think Ungers objection undermines Descartes cogito and/or our common-sense knowledge claimsfor example, that I am seated in my study typing on my computer at this very moment.)

[5]      Explain Humes argument for the claim that we dont know that the sun will rise tomorrow. Do you think Hume is justified in this claim? (Your thesis should indicate whether you think Humes argument undermines the claim that we know the sun will rice tomorrow and why you hold this position.)

[6]      Explain how the mind-body problem arises for Descartes. Do you think Descartes solution is satisfactory? (Your thesis should indicate whether you think Cartesian Interactionism is a satisfactory solution to the mind-body problem.)

[7]        Compare and contrast Cartesian dualism and the identity theory. Which do you think is the most plausible? Do you think our subjective mental experiences can be reduced to neurosciencei.e., do you think the statement I am in pain is identical to my C-fibers are firing? (Your thesis should indicate which, if either, theory you think is defensible and why you hold this position.)


Please compose a 3-5 page essay in response to one of these questions. Essays should be composed in MLA format. Note that MLA does not use a title page. Essays should have a general introductory paragraph with a thesis, body paragraphs with exposition drawing from the assigned material, a section with critical analysis in which you defend your thesis statement and a conclusion. Be mindful to include a works cited page. Your works cited page does not count toward the minimum three pages. Note that student essays earning top grades tend to me closer to five pages than to three pages.

Essays must be developed within the context of the assigned reading. Do not use outside sources without getting approval from me first. I am not interested in what Wikipedia has to say about this material; I am interested in what you have to say. Note that Wikipedia is not an academic source and should never be referenced in an academic paper.

Essays will be graded on clarity of expression, accuracy of exposition and quality of philosophical argumentationthat is, how well you support your thesis statement. The better the reasons you advance in support of your position, the better your grade.

Do not use subjective languagee.g., I feel or In my personal opinion. Philosophy is based on facts and arguments, not feelings or opinions. Your job in the essay is to advance a position (a thesis statement) and then to give reasons in support of your position. I am very strict on this point.

Heres a suggestion for writing an introductory paragraph. Open with a topic sentence that captures the main point of the essay. Next, introduce the philosophers and their positions. Next, state your thesis. Your thesis statement is who you think is right and why.

I suggest that you use section headers. For example, if I were writing on the first topic, heres how I would organize my paper.

Introduction with Thesis Statement
Exposition of Anselms Argument
Exposition of Kants Objection to the Ontological Argument
In Defense of Anselm or In Support of Kant
You actually want to include the headers in your essay. Headers are usually placed in bold typeface.

Reflective Paper
Be sure to address each of the following questions in your reflective paper. Type your responses below each question, and leave the questions in the document. Remember that the length of your responses for this portion of the final is expected to be 1,000-2,000 words in total, not including the prompt questions. Please answer each question after having reviewed and reflected upon your writing prompts, and assignments throughout this course.

1.    Describe your impressions of economics before you took this course, and compare/contrast that to your current ideas of economics.

2.    Now that you have completed the course, reflect upon any of concerns or challenges related to the economy or businesses you may have had when you began the course. Do you think that the material you learned in this course has influenced your thinking about those concerns or challenges? Please explain why or why not.

3.    Which video, assignment, reading, concept, or activity had the greatest impact on you? Explain why and how this will affect how you view the world and economics impact.

4.    Which video, assignment, reading, concept, or activity is the most important for the domestic or global economy? Explain why and how this will affect the economy in the short and long-term.

5.    Which assignment, reading, concept, or activity was the most difficult or challenging for you? Describe why it was challenging and how that challenge will view of the economy.

6.    Did any topic(s) surprise you that it (they) was (were) part of the study of economics? Now that the topic(s) has (have) been introduced in economics, explain how it fits into economics.

7.        What do you think you still need to learn about economics, and how will you go about continuing your development educated citizen?

8.    Was there anything that you expected to learn in this course that you did not learn? How could this course be improved?

9.    What was your biggest barrier to success if any? Keep in mind that this was a fully online, accelerated class that covered in 2 weeks what is usually covered in 14 weeks. What was your biggest strength in being successful in this course?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41y4c1Oi5Uo CNBC Why the inequality gap is growing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzV76M4Vd5w Infographics on inequality

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xMCWr0O3Hs Crash Course Economics

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMsirg7Z0bU Branko Milanovich lecture

You must create a new thread in this forum using the media and textbook concepts. Your initial thread should address your reaction to the media in the context of chapter 15 (income inequality ) of the text.

What do you think of income inequality in the US and abroad?
Do you think everyone has the same ability to prosper in our economy?
Do you think everyone has the same opportunity in our economy?
What role do you believe government policy plays in this inequality?
Do you think that income inequality impacted people in their ability to respond to COVID 19?
What solutions would you provide?

Write a literary analysis in which you state your response and logically and sufficiently support your response with claims. Support your claims with relevant textual evidence, including direct quotations with parenthetical citations. Use correct and effective words, phrases,syntax, usage and mechanics to clearly communicate your analysis.
Be sure to:
Summarize the secondary characters experiences and motivations in the novel.
Explain how the secondary character represents and/or expresses a similar or different perspective from Okonkwo and how the two characters interactions contribute to the events of the novel.
Determine and analyze the development of a theme that is revealed through the story of the secondary character and the characters relationship to Okonkwos story.


In this short essay, youll answer the question, How has the place you consider home influenced your identity (i.e. your personality, beliefs, actions, thoughts)?


You will need to (1) describe your homeplace so that your readers can form a richly detailed picture in their heads of what it is like (or was like, if it has changed over time), and (2) interpret the significance of what has happened in that place: How has it influenced your identity?  Your values?  Your understanding of home?

You might begin by considering what home means to you.  Does home mean where you are living right this second, or do you think of some previous residence and location?  Does it mean where you grew up?  Is it where generations of your family are rooted?  If not, is it a person, a group of friends, an online community, a mental or spiritual sanctuary, or a combination of these things?


(Remember, these are to help you think about your topic, not necessarily questions that you need to answer in your paper.)

          What is the identity of your home?  Do you think your home is similar to many others, or unique?  Why?  (Note: your description does not have to be an endorsement.  Maybe you dislike this place and your description will help readers understand why.)

          What physical localesand the stories, rituals, and people you associate with those localesdefine home or homeplace?

          Has this place changed physically?  Have the people in or around it changed?  What about the feel or atmosphere?  How have you changed, and is this related to the ways your home has or hasnt changed?  Has this change affected how you define home?

          Consider writing about coming home, leaving home, the joys and toils of making a home, or the sorrow of abandoning a home.


3-4 complete pages; MLA format; Times New Roman 12-point font; 1-inch margins

Describe your relationship with the union and the labor movement. In what ways has it personally affected your life and your familys life?

Please add these informations and check the CSEA union website: https://www.csea.com
Also I added the CSEA benefit guide and the president of CSEA union letters.

please add these information.

Being part of CSEA family helped me break ground in some toughest times.
– CSEA union helped me with a lot benefits and since the covid 19 started the worked to make sure that all members continued get paid and keeper our jobs.

–when the schools started to reopen, the CSEA union was there to keep members protected and safe .

— CSEA is committed to supporting me and my family with an array of money saving programs and services.

__ CSEA helped secure full funding for our public schools despite an economic downturn, helped determine how and when our schools would reopen safely, and we won historic layoff protections for classified staff.

— gave advice and guidance – CSEA TOLD US TO continue to remain vigilant and take all precautions to protect ourselves and our families.

This is the union that I participate (CSEA) and I am proud in being part of this family.

Explain why there is no such thing as a right or wrong social policy viewpoint. Provide examples from the issue you researched in the first discussion of this unit to illustrate your claims and support them with course references. Include how different groups define the same problem; accomplish this by showing how the problem would be viewed by at least three distinct groups.