Provide the following information for the second brand of your company:
12) What is the name of your brand?
13) What is the target market of your brand?
14) Explain the step-by-step process that you used to select your target market and include the GE Matrix that you created at the end of that process (for more information, review The step by step process for Targeting in BB > Content > Markstrat Material; 15 points)
15) Based on the Market Share data, who are the top three competitors of your brand? (Your top competitors are brands with the highest levels of market share in your target market; 3 points)
16) What are the Brand Awareness by Consumer Segment percentages of your brand and your top two competitors in your target market? (3 points)
17) What are the Brand Characteristics of your brand and your top two competitors? (3 points)
18) What percentage of your target market would choose Specialty Stores, Mass Merchandisers, and Online Stores to purchase a product in the Sonites Industry? (3 points)
19) What percentage of Specialty Stores, Mass Merchandisers, and Online Stores Carry your brand? (see Distribution Panel; 3 points)
20) How many units did you sell during the last period? What was the inventory at the end of that period (see Production Report)? What is Market size broken down by consumer segment (in thousands of units) estimations for next period (see Market Forecast)? (7 points)
21) What are the estimated Purchase Intentions by Consumer Segment percentages for your brand (see Consumer Survey & Panel; 5 points)?
22) Based on your answer to question 11, how many units should you manufacture in the current period? (8 points)

Industry name: Berlin
Team name: S
Pass: 6637