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By looking at the data given for the Cuyahoga River flooding, it is safe to say that the concern of the citizens of Independence is justifiable. As you look at the data of the history of flooding from the Cuyahoga River, you can see that discharge has increased as well as the number of floods. The smallest discharge was 86,305 in November of 1985. The oldest flood was in February of 1981 with a discharge of 106,005. The highest discharge was 254,005 in June of 2006. The most recent flood was in October of 2012 with a discharge of 138,005. Analyzing these numbers, the change from the smallest discharge of 86,305 to the largest of 254,005 is a great concern. This indicates that more of the city will be affected and most likely damaged severely if not destroyed by these recent floods.

The number of floods in each decade has also started to increase as well. In the 80s, there was a total of six floods. Nine in the 90s. Eight in the 00s. Three in the 10s. The number of floods between the 90s and 00s is similar enough to assume that this increasing pattern will continue throughout the 10s. This is because the recurrence interval is decreasing as time goes on, meaning floods will be happening more frequently. Looking at the decade with the highest number of floods, the largest RI was 17.33 years, and the smallest was 2.08 years. This large range of years contains years in between these numbers, showing that more floods will be happening years out from this.

One thing that is not as concerning as these small RI numbers is the RIs from the recent floods. In 2012, the RI was 7.4 years and a flood in 2011 was 26 years. This means there will be more time in between each of these large floods to prepare the city and people for it. Though, the more time between each occurrence of a flood means the more catastrophic it will be and the larger discharge it will produce. These floods are very large floods and look to be getting larger with the higher RI, which is another concern for the city.

Looking at the graph, you can observe that the trend is increasing for the recurrence interval. The highest recurrence interval has the highest discharge which is one of the largest concerns out of all the concerns to be had about these floods. There is a high concentration of floods between two and ten years and the concentration is another one of the very important concerns for these floods.