Your boss wants to implement new password requirements. She’d like you to make a recommendation on what the new requirements will be. She knows this is new for you, so she expects you to do some research and present your recommendations, fully cited with the resources you used to write those recommendations. Your paper should be between 600 and 800 words, and should describe the current issues associated with password security (including examples), what is considered “best practice” and why, and provide a conclusion of what the policy should be. Be sure to discuss length, expiration, as well as any other issues you might consider important. Each essay in our class should have three sections: Intro: Short, and to the point. Basically just states what the paper is about Body: 90% of the paper’s length. Facts. Just facts. No opinions. This is where you discuss the issue in the context of research. Most, if not all of your citations end up here. Conclusion/recommendation: This is where your opinion can be inserted. Make sure that your opinion is strongly backed up by the research in the body! Your paper MUST cite at least 5 different, verifiable, expert resources that support your recommendations and best practices. Do NOT cite Wikipedia or similar resource. Use APA format.