For this activity, you will be creating a questionnaire (the list of questions used for a survey). The ASU PR team has asked you to create this questionnaire to evaluate an upcoming campaign they are planning. The overall goal of the campaign is to increase the number and dollar amount of donations for ASU research from major donors. Remember, they plan to conduct this survey to evaluate the success of their campaign so it is different from initial formative research. For the purposes of the activity, you can write the questionnaire for the final evaluation and assume any relevant items needed for benchmarking will be included in a pre-campaign survey. The team has already created an email list of all the potential major donors – your questionnaire will be sent to that list.

Here is what needs to be measured:

They had several attitudinal objectives related to the campaign that need to be evaluated:
increase perceived prestige of ASU
increase perceived importance of research done at ASU
increase perceptions that ASU will competently manage donations
They would also like to measure the final goal of donating. They have donation statistics but would like to be able to see how the attitudes above actually correlate with donating behavior.
In order to link their actions with the outcomes, they want to measure whether each donor was exposed to the campaign tactics. The tactics are email, social media (Facebook and Twitter), and a special event potential donors were invited to (you can call it the annual gala).
They would also like to include demographic information so they know who they were successful in reaching.
You are welcome to include additional items but you need to write questions that address everything above. Questions should be multiple choice or have a number-based answer so statistical analyses can be conducted. I know we haven’t actually discussed writing survey questions so refer to this article for some good tips: