please read the attached pdf.

In PwCs Health Research Institute report (attached),
Top Health Industry Issues of 2020: Will Digital Start to Show an ROI?
exploring the top health industry issues of 2020, 6 main issues are discussed;
1.A looming tsunami of high prices
2.Regulation trumps policy
3.Consumers inch closer to DIY healthcare
4.US health organizations are seeking opportunities overseas and through innovationbeware of the tax risks
5.A whole new you: Deals as makeovers
6.Equity and inclusion, not just diversity, as a business imperative

With respect to its impact on patients, business, and healthcare in general, select three of these issues, discuss its impact (one paragraph each), and conclude on what you would do as a finance manager, to ensure you prepare for and connect the workforce on how digital is going to impact care delivery (care pathways and care management).

layout of paper: 1 page abstract, 3 pages content(intro,body,conclusion)
format: apa please use direct quotes from the attached pdf and only 1 other outside reference! When citing throughout paper, only use direct quote. Example “………………’ (…….,…….).
DO NOT just add reference at the end of paragraphs!

Select a topic that you can apply to all 3 Model of Service delivery (such as homelesness, drug addiction and mental health and then find 2 credible sources and have 150 word of each source underneath or next to.

This is a particularly important chapter because it will form the basis for a paper that you will be writing in steps, and will culminate in a major paper due in unit 7. The first step in this process, that you will complete this week, is to select a topic based on a social problem that you can apply to the 3 models of service delivery (medical, public health, and human services from chapter 6). This is the topic that you’ll use to write about for the course paper due in unit 7.  Select a topic you naturally want to learn more about and one that is related to human services in some way. A social problem such as addiction, mental illness, teen pregnancy, COVID, or any other topic that can be explained from the lens of the models of service delivery from chapter 6 will work. If you’re unsure, just run it by me via email. You will do research on that topic to complete the unit 4 literacy assignment, which is essentially an annotated bibliography (summary of each source you find). Read the instructions carefully and let me know if you have questions. You do not have to use the template provided for the unit 4 assignment if the formatting doesn’t work for you. If that is the case, it is important to follow it and create your own with a Word doc. You need to find at least 2 credible sources for this assignment, in addition to the Introduction to Human Services book. Remember to provide a detailed summary of each source. There is a helpful link on the unit 4 page about how to do an annotated bibliography. The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to do research for the paper due in unit 7 and to allow me to approve your topic and sources so that I can be sure they will be useful for that paper. 

The company that I’m analyzing is… Walmart

Explain the three types of risk and beta, and how these concepts relate to a companys required rate of return.
Find your companys beta from a credible source.
Compare your companys beta to the market beta of 1.0.
Calculate the company-specific required rate of return using the CAPM formula.
Show all calculations.
Use the beta you determined for your chosen company
Use a risk-free rate of 2.0%.
Use 6.0% as the market risk premium.
Compare the company-specific required rate of return you calculated to the required return based on size that you used for the constant growth formula
Determine whether the company-specific required rate of return higher or lower than the rate of return based on size that you used for the constant growth formula
Explain the difference in required rate of returns
Recalculate both estimates (the low-end and the high-end) of the stock price using the constant growth formula.
Use the companys specific required rate of return you determined using the CAPM.
Show all calculations.
Compare each of the two recalculated stock prices to the current stock price per share of the company.
State whether each recalculated stock price (low-end and high-end) is above or below the current market price.
State whether each recalculated stock price (low-end and high-end) indicates if the stock price is currently under-valued or over-valued in the market.
State your recommendation for your concluded stock price for the company.
Use either the high-end stock price or the low-end stock price from the constant growth formula using the CAPM required rate of return.
Justify the conclusion of value for your stock based on the most important financial facts from the prior weeks analysis.
Must cite where the financial statement information comes from (e.g., Yahoo! Finance or Mergent)

Read about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge then discuss the following questions.  While the articles below and attached are not recent, the basic arguments haven’t changed.  Your comments should be substantive and reflect some thought and research into the issue.

Should exploration and drilling be allowed in ANWR or should we forego the fossil fuels that are there to preserve the habitat and animals that live there?
Should drilling and/or fracking be allowed offshore of Florida? What about in the rest of the Gulf of Mexico?
Does everyone have the right to drive whatever kind of car they want, regardless of gas mileage and the impact that our need for oil has on the environment?
Does everyone have the right to use however much electricity they want, regardless of resources used or the impacts on our environment?
Do you agree or disagree with the commentaries below from the Florida Times-Union newspaper?
If you said no to drilling in ANWR, drilling and fracking off of Florida, but yes to individual rights to drive any car and use unlimited electricity – how can we manage to do both sustainably?
Articles to read and comment upon:

1.  Less Drilling a Fantasy to Politicians  Mark Woods article.docx

2.  Florida must move away from fossil-fueled power plants Apr 6, 2015

Office Supply Order Log

View an introduction to the Assignment. Be sure to adjust your audio settings.

Review the Assignment Instructions and Grading Rubric.

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

Describe how prices can be compared for medical office supplies.
Recognize expenses involved in the operation of a medical practice.
Apply ways to save money and prevent waste in the medical office.
Describe how prices can be compared for medical office supplies.
Use the internet to access information related to the medical office.
Perform routine maintenance of office equipment with documentation.
Perform an office inventory.
Implement time management principles to maintain effective office function.
Course outcome assessed/addressed in this Assignment:

HS210-1: Perform bookkeeping and operational procedures in a healthcare setting.


The Office of Financial Aid at the University of Michigan currently quotes the cost of textbooks for undergraduate students per semester to be $524 (Links to an external site.).  Administrators are interested in verifying if their estimate is accurate or if this figure needs to be updated before the start of the next school year.  They know that in order to obtain a more realistic estimate they need to rely on student data, so they have turned to various organizations on campus for help. 

The data: three different samples.

Two organizations on campus took different random samples of undergraduate students at UM and for each student recording the cost of textbooks during the Winter 21 semester.  Furthermore, financial aid administrators are aware that Stats 250 gathered data on the cost of textbooks for all students currently enrolled in the course.  Heres a brief summary of the three different random samples:

Table 1: Numerical summaries for 3 different samples of UM undergraduate students.



Standard Deviation

Sample Size

Sample A




Sample B




Stats 250 (you have been provided with this data to explore using RStudio (Links to an external site.))




The results from the three samples show very different estimates for the average cost of textbooks for one semester for undergraduate students at UM.  The Office of Financial Aid administrators are having a hard time making sense of the information provided and have hired you as a consultant. 

Your Task:

Write a 400 – 600 word memorandum (according to Purdue Owl Guidelines (Links to an external site.)) to the Office of Financial Aid administrators explaining how the process of sampling and the nature of sampling distributions has led to different estimates for the average cost of textbooks for one semester and provide a recommendation for the office of financial aid administrators given the results of the three samples.

Your memorandum must include responses to the following parts and all associated questions:

A brief introduction to the exploration and the third sample:
What population is the Office of Financial Aid administrators interested in?
Is the Stats 250 data representative for this population? Justify your answer
Explore the Stats 250 data using RStudio (include a histogram, a complete description of the distribution of cost of textbooks and numerical summaries to complete Table 1).
What factors involving the winter 21 semester could be affecting the response of interest (cost of textbook)?
All about Statistics:
You notice that these three estimates of mean textbook costs are different from each other.  Is that concerning to you?  Why or why not? 
Then, recall the idea of the sampling distribution, explored in Lab 5. Discuss how all of the features of the sampling distribution are affected by the sample size. Features could stay the same, change, or depend on the situation.
Why is a larger sample more accurate compared to a smaller sample?
Given these three estimates, which one is more reliable? Why? 
Recommendations for the Office of Financial Aid administrators:
The Office of Financial Aid has historical data that indicates the standard deviation of textbook costs is steady from semester to semester at $287.

If the true textbook cost is $524, what is the z-score and corresponding probability that youd get a sample with a mean like the one we observed in Sample A or less?  Provide an interpretation for your z-score.  (You could replicate this process for Sample B and for the Stats 250 data, although we arent asking for this here).
Using this probability, does the reported value of $524 seem reasonable?
Should the administrators adjust the value posted on the website?  Justify your recommendation using the statistical support provided in your memo.

Please Read the Attached Reading ( Second Treatise, Ch. 1-11; 14; 18-19) then do the following:

Please make a post offering at least two thoughtful and substantive questions, reflections, or comments  (QRCs) inspired by  the material below.

– At least one QRC must explicitly identify a passage( quote a passage and then respond to it) from the reading attached that you found intriguing, confusing, enlightening, etc. to lift up for consideration. You should quote the passage in full in your post along with a clear citation so others can easily find it in the text, and briefly explain your reasons for highlighting this passage this can come in the form of substantive questions about, interpretations of, or challenges to the ideas expressed in the passage.

For the second QRC, you may choose to lift up another passage, but you are not required to do so. Instead you may choose to offer a more general question about the ideas under consideration, a reaction to the podcast lecture, an argument you are trying to work out, or a connection you have made, or events in the world. In other words, each paper should have two clearly distinct QRCs, at least one of which lifts up a passage from the text.

Write a 350- to 700-word reflection on the scenario, using the Reflection Template. Follow the instructions within the template to complete your reflection. You will need to include an introduction paragraph to introduce your reader to the topics you will be discussing; 3 body paragraphs, each with specific questions that need to be addressed within; and a conclusion paragraph to bring your paper to a close.