Select a topic that you can apply to all 3 Model of Service delivery (such as homelesness, drug addiction and mental health and then find 2 credible sources and have 150 word of each source underneath or next to.

This is a particularly important chapter because it will form the basis for a paper that you will be writing in steps, and will culminate in a major paper due in unit 7. The first step in this process, that you will complete this week, is to select a topic based on a social problem that you can apply to the 3 models of service delivery (medical, public health, and human services from chapter 6). This is the topic that you’ll use to write about for the course paper due in unit 7.  Select a topic you naturally want to learn more about and one that is related to human services in some way. A social problem such as addiction, mental illness, teen pregnancy, COVID, or any other topic that can be explained from the lens of the models of service delivery from chapter 6 will work. If you’re unsure, just run it by me via email. You will do research on that topic to complete the unit 4 literacy assignment, which is essentially an annotated bibliography (summary of each source you find). Read the instructions carefully and let me know if you have questions. You do not have to use the template provided for the unit 4 assignment if the formatting doesn’t work for you. If that is the case, it is important to follow it and create your own with a Word doc. You need to find at least 2 credible sources for this assignment, in addition to the Introduction to Human Services book. Remember to provide a detailed summary of each source. There is a helpful link on the unit 4 page about how to do an annotated bibliography. The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to do research for the paper due in unit 7 and to allow me to approve your topic and sources so that I can be sure they will be useful for that paper.