Read about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge then discuss the following questions.  While the articles below and attached are not recent, the basic arguments haven’t changed.  Your comments should be substantive and reflect some thought and research into the issue.

Should exploration and drilling be allowed in ANWR or should we forego the fossil fuels that are there to preserve the habitat and animals that live there?
Should drilling and/or fracking be allowed offshore of Florida? What about in the rest of the Gulf of Mexico?
Does everyone have the right to drive whatever kind of car they want, regardless of gas mileage and the impact that our need for oil has on the environment?
Does everyone have the right to use however much electricity they want, regardless of resources used or the impacts on our environment?
Do you agree or disagree with the commentaries below from the Florida Times-Union newspaper?
If you said no to drilling in ANWR, drilling and fracking off of Florida, but yes to individual rights to drive any car and use unlimited electricity – how can we manage to do both sustainably?
Articles to read and comment upon:

1.  Less Drilling a Fantasy to Politicians  Mark Woods article.docx

2.  Florida must move away from fossil-fueled power plants Apr 6, 2015