When we think about documentary films, we might think of them as representing the real world or the world as it really is. While fiction films rely on scripts to take us into imagined lives that happen in manufactured worlds, documentary films arise from real-life events that happen in real places in real-time and thus seem to reveal truths about the world and its workings. But what happens if we think about documentaries as nonfiction narrative films that represent the world in particular ways? Though a documentary film may appear to represent subjects and subject matter without artifice or mediation, this position should be analyzed to take into account particular points of view, which become manifest through a films perspective, commentary, style, narrative/narration, and methods of persuasion.

What are the techniques they used to tell this story? Interviews, types of b-roll, archival footage, etc. What is the structure? What is missing?

Post 1:  Your primary post should be a direct response to the assigned weekly film lab and should not only address and answer all elements asked for, but also demonstrate completion of any additional reading assignments.

In 3-5 sentences, summarize the film as if you are describing it to someone who has not seen it. Do not give a blow-by-blow report, but convey the main story, characters, and theme(s) in your own words.

In 3-5 sentences, give your personal critique* of the film you may focus on any elements you wish. Be specific dont just say I liked the acting or It was boring tell why you liked the acting and give specific examples, etc. Try to avoid statements starting with I like and instead try statements such as, The first thing I see is or This _______ stands out for me because of the (color, composition, sound, movement).

Finally (and most importantly) how does the film support, characterize, or exemplify the content covered on Canvas and/or any assigned readings? (Or not?!) Use specific examples to support your answers.

Post 2:  should be a question of your own about the film. What confused you? Was there a scene you want to know more about from your classmates? Ask your classmates what they thought of a particular scene, sound score, editing technique. Make sure your question includes your insight and isnt completely open-ended. For example: Did anyone also notice that whenever the villain appears in the film, there is a constant drumbeat sound? It made me think of a heartbeat and added to the suspense. What other interpretations do you see? And are there more places in the film that music is used this way?