For this assignment, you will do one of the activities below that fit into one or more of
the eight areas of Multiple Intelligence: Verbal/ Linguistic, Logical/Mathematical,
Musical, Visual/Spatial, Kinesthetic, Tactile, Intrapersonal, and Naturalistic.
You will then write an essay explaining your choice, identifying the MI area(s) and why it
is important to plan classroom activities that provide opportunities for children to
develop competency in all the areas.
1. Select an activity to accomplish from the following list:
Sing a song or play an instrument to a tune that would be enjoyable for
children. Submit an audio or video.
Create a different look using items in your wardrobe. Submit a photo of the
outfit the way you might normally wear it and a photo of the new look that
you created and tell how the clothing feels on you.
Change your hairstyle and submit a before and after photo to show your
typical hairstyle and the new look you created. Describe how you think it
looks and share someone elses opinion of how it looks.
Create a new furniture arrangement or redesign for an item such as a
mantle or bookshelf. Submit a before and after photo and describe the
elements that make it pleasing to the eye.
Create a new way of preparing a favorite recipe or try a new recipe and
add something new to it. Submit a photo along with the recipe including
the steps you took to make it, the quantities of the ingredients,
temperatures, and the preparation time for each step.
Create a solution or an improved way to organize something or
accomplish a daily recurring task. Describe the change and take a
representative photo.
CHS201 Creative Activity
Unit 2 Assignment: Multiple Intelligences Activities Write an original poem of at least two verses and submit it or recite a
poem and submit an audio or video of yourself reading the poem.
Take your dog for a walk and pay attention to what you see, hear, or feel.
Describe five things that you noticed or experienced during your walk and
submit a photo taken on your walk.
2. Complete your chosen activity (make sure to note the steps you take to
complete the activity and take pictures, record a video, or otherwise document
your activity).
3. After completing your chosen activity write an essay that addresses the
a) Describe your activity and why you chose it.
b) Identify which of the 8-multiple intelligence(s) your activity relates to (you
may select 1 or more) and comment on whether the MI area(s) you
identified are strengths or development areas for you.
c) Describe the steps you followed to complete the activity.
d) Explain if you were surprised by your feelings doing the activity and share
how the experience affected you.
e) Explain why it is important to offer opportunities for children to experience
using all areas of multiple intelligence.
Submit your essay in Word of at least one (1) double-spaced page. Use 12 point,
Times New Roman font.
Submit a photo, video, audio, or written evidence of your creation/creative activity
along with the essay. For video submissions, if needed, refer to the CHS201
YouTube Video Submission Instructions to learn how to upload your video
and get a link to submit with your assignment.