Topic #1 (Unit 1)- Part 1: Regarding the ancient Greek culture, lifestyle, and Olympic Games: Do you feel the ancient Greeks were correct in their choices and decisions? Clearly state your argument(s) (pros and cons) regarding the above topics and provide examples of each stated standpoint. Part 2: Define the ancient Greek term honor.  Give an example of honor from the Ancient Olympic Games.  Relate the ancient Greek term of honor with todays (our) description of honor.

Expectations of this assignment:
1.    You need to research the topic and be able to discuss in-depth.
a.    We are looking for effort.
2.    You will prepare one to two pages. Be concise with you answers.
a.    Paragraphs, bullet points, or sentences are all fine
b.    I need to make some sense out of it, so it better be organized
3.    What does prepared and researched mean?
a.    If you had to teach your mother about this topic, then she was going to go on to Jeopardy to win you a college scholarshipthat much depth.
b.    The library, researched articles, websites, newspapers, etc.
i.    Wikipedia is not an option.
ii.    The textbook is not an option.
c.    You must have citations.  Citations allow for the reader to know where your information came from. This means if you use a quote or someone elses work in your assignment, you must include an in-text citation after that quote or summary.
i.    You will need to have a reference page.
ii.    Depth is good and effort is good.  Ill grade you accordingly.
4.    Formatting expectations:
a.    Times New Roman, 12pt font is expected. Spacing does not matter on this assignment. APA citations are preferred but MLA is acceptable.