In his article Famine, Affluence, and Morality, (beginning on page 235), Peter Singer spoke about the distinction between duty and charity. He said that in our society, Because giving money is regarded as an act of charity, it is not thought that there is anything wrong with not giving. The charitable man may be praised, but the man who is not charitable is not condemned.
    Singer further explained how people do not feel in any way ashamed or guilty about spending money on new clothes or a new car instead of giving it to famine relief. Singer concluded, This way of looking at the matter cannot be justified. We ought to give the money away, and it is wrong not to do so.

Please answer the following question:
Does Peter Singers above view remain consistent with his main thesis from the article? Fully explain your answer and when doing so, be sure to clearly state Singers main thesis, in your explanation. (100 points)