answer the following questions, and number your responses accordingly.

Do you agree with Epictetus that things like our desires, beliefs, and actions are completely within our control? Explain.

Why do you think that the Stoics maintain that only our own acts are within our control, and outside things, even our own bodies, property, and reputations, are not within control? Use outside research to support your response.

The author of our textbook maintains that Epictetus’ quote is ambiguous regarding the things that are not in our control. Do you agree with him? Draw explicitly from the textbook when crafting your response.

Almost everyone, at some point in their lives, has focused on something over which they have no control, and as a result, has felt stress, disappointment, or some other negative emotion.

How could keeping the dichotomy of control in mind bring you more contentment? Use a specific example to illustrate your point. 

Out of curiosity, have you heard about the dichotomy of control before starting this module? If so, where?