An important part of presentations is selecting the most appropriate tool for the audience, purpose, and tone. In this discussion, you will recommend a tool based on an assigned scenario and module resources.

For your initial post, use the scenario associated with your last name:

Last name starts with:   
A-F    You are going to start hosting a weekly discussion of trending topics in your field of study, and would like anyone interested to be able to access it whenever they want to listen.
G-L    You have been asked to host a live presentation for an online-only international conference.
M-R    You are hosting a small, live training for the remote workers on your team.
S-Z    You have been asked to record a series of interviews with high-level executives while they are all visiting your branch this week, but the recordings would need to be shared one at a time, once a week, with all staff to watch at their convenience.

In your initial post, address the following:

What general technology-mediated channel might you consider using to suit your audience, purpose, and tone? Why?
What are key considerations you will need to address regarding your audience, purpose, and tone when selecting a specific technology platform?
In your response to at least one peer who was assigned the same scenario as you, and one who was assigned a different scenario, address the following:

What specific technology platform would you recommend they consider in addition to the tool they mentioned in their initial post, and why do you think it is appropriate?
What specific technology platform may not be well-suited to their scenario based on their initial post, and why do you think it is not appropriate?

Peer 1
If I were asked to host a live presentation for an online only international conference, I would first start by evaluating where this conference will reach, as well as the audience for the presentation. For example, in my personal experience, I have found that Microsoft Teams is an effective resource to use for something like this. For one, you are able to have hundreds of people in a conference at one time, it uses features such as being able to mute your audience during a presentation, you can use cameras while speaking and my favorite, using screen sharing feature to share a presentation or demonstration on your computer. The screen sharing feature allows you to do many different things as I mentioned before, as well as presentation slides. However, if you are doing any type of walkthrough with a computer system, this feature makes it very easy. Additionally, it allows you to have a chat box for any questions and a raise hand feature for questions as well. This allows you to have a professional tone for your conference rather than people speaking up in the middle of a presentation to ask a question.

One key thing that always needs to be considered when conducting an international conference is figuring out where your audience is in the world and finding a convenient time for each time zone to hold a conference. For example, if you are in New York conducting this conference and you have members of the audience in  California, London, and Berlin you want to pick a time convenient for everyone. If you were to conduct your conference at 1100 in New York, your audiences times would be 0800 in California, 1500 in London and 1600 in Berlin, making this a conference that would accommodate most people’s work schedule throughout your audience. I would also need to address any language barriers for my audience and figuring out how to accommodate anyone who may not be a natural born English speaker. Depending on who your audience is, it is wise to send out an itinerary of the conference, this allows your audience to prepare questions based on the outline of the conference. The last thing to consider when preparing for an international conference in regards to the technology platform is making sure everyone has access to your platform. This is another reason I prefer to use Teams for conferences like these, because it allows you to send out a link that you can use either in the Microsoft Teams app, or within any web browser making it convenient for both people with the app or without, additionally it has a dial in option that you can use with any cell phone to call in and listen to the audio of the conference.