*this is not a paper just questions keep each separated by references*

1.  One of the goals of ethics instruction/training is to promote in public managers the reasoning skills necessary for ethical leadership, in hope that they can then transfer those skills to their subordinates. Please describe how and what your current organizational leadership does to transfer those skills to the rank and file membership of your organization? 

500 words 3 references Keep Separated 

2.  Please describe how and what your local elected officials are currently doing to “adopt and implement policies” that promote inter-generational fairness?

500 Words 3 references Keep Separated 

3.  The GAO report on information sharing concluded that the current information sharing process is not perceived as effective.  What are its shortcomings?  What improvements can be made to increase its effectiveness?

500 Words 3 references Keep Separated 

4.  The Office of University Programs within DHS sponsors security research efforts by coalitions of US universities in Academic Centers of Excellence (COE).  One such center is the Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE) headed by the University of Southern California.  One CREATE study addressed the question Should We Protect Commercial Airliners Against Surface-to-Air Missile Attacks by Terrorists?  What did the study conclude?  Do you agree?  Why or why not?

500 Words 3 references Keep Separated 

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