Instructions: Find an old family photo to restore. Enhance the photo with at least five to seven different elements that you’ve learned Then, create a magazine cover page using that photo with some creative idea behind it utilizing at least one other photo for a background. You will upload three photos minimum. The original family photo, background photo and the final cover page. You must submit all of your assignments as a .JPG or .PNG. file. Submitting the .PSD file is based on the need of the instructor.

Once this is completed, you will complete a minimum of a four page write up (not including the title page or reference page): 12 font Times New Roman, double spaced paper in APA Style format describing the following:

Purpose of the magazine. You must identify a valid purpose as if this magazine will be published for the public.
Identify five to seven tools used and any challenges encountered.
Describe the tools applied and why selected.
Describe the layers applied and why selected.
Examine the differences, the benefits and the limitations of the different image file types.
Discuss the purpose and usage of smart objects, layers and vectors in editing, also differentiate between a raster image and a vector image; also detail the layer concepts of hiding, linking, and setting layer styles.
Outline the different processes to enhance images including sharpness, color, contrast, hue, brightness and resolution.
Evaluate the image processing capabilities such as feathering, filtering and burning.
Describe the process for performing advanced selection using masks, channels, refine edge, and defringing.
Detail the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop as a tool for editing and restoring digital images, also describe the process for enhance digital images by manipulating sharpness, color, contrast, hue, brightness and resolution.

Submission Instructions: Submit the original family photo, background photo, final cover page and write up in APA format in the assignment area. You may need to reduce the file size of the images if the file is over 25 mb. Do this by reducing the PPI for the image.